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Baby Acne - A Brief Overview
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Your wife just put to bed. A bouncing baby boy. Lots of joy with well wishers, love ones and relations’ giving you thumps up sign. That was probably your first born.   Yes, you had to scale all the impending economic gloom variously described as recession, economic melt down e.t.c. As if all this was not enough to task your sanity, your angel  (Your newly born baby) is infected with acne. What to do?

Well, there is hope.

Your baby could be suffering from baby acne also known clinically as acne- neonatorum .Babies could develop this skin infection as a fall out from lingering maternal hormones after delivery which may stimulate the baby’s sebaceous glands. These hormones are  passed from mother to baby through the placenta usually after delivery . Statistics indicate 20%+ of new born babies globally are afflicted by this skin disorder.

Before solution is proffered to this infantile skin disorder, it is better to understand exactly how babies contact this distressing skin condition. First off, you need understand treatment for baby acne is not same as for any other age group.

Evidence shows infantile acne is gender-biased where male babies are more affected than female counterparts. Some babies may be unfortunate to develop acne at time of delivery, but normally babies experience this attack from 3 weeks up wards. Common types of acne found in babies are papules (red bumps) and pustules (whiteheads).They all have one thing in common...they have collection of pus. Occasionally, some babies may experience acne on the scalp.

Good news about infantile acne is, it does not require treatment as such. Most likely the lesions will take care of themselves within period of 8 - 9 weeks.

Word of Caution though, do take normal care of the baby maintaining all body parts in top hygienic condition. It is advisable you use mild baby soap gently cleaning face with water once daily. For goodness sake avoid employing any harsher methods like using oil and lotions which you think may be good for this condition. There is tendency these treatment options may aggravate the situation. Rest assured that your baby’s acne willdisappear as the infant grows.   If you or your family Doctor feels the need to treat the baby suspecting severe acne, then treat it with creams like retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. It appears the ways of acne are mysterious and peplexing.Fact that you have acne does not translate that your baby will be infected with acne; and just because your baby has acne now does not mean he or she will suffer from acne attacks when they grow up. This skin disorder has its own working style and strategies of attack.

If you must take photographs of your baby do not over stuff the kid with cosmetics, just be imaginative.

 So if your baby develops infantile acne do no fret. This is condition which normally appears after the age of three months in a baby. In most cases it quietly disappears after the age of 12 months while in some babies condition may prolong up to 2 years. This could be due to genetic makeup of your baby which you have no control over.  Once treatment is concerned, you have nothing to do relating to it. And bizarre as it maysounds, when your baby is infected with infantile acne just observe its arrival with anxiety and departure with pleasure.     

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