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Home Remedy Acne Treatment - Spot Treatment On The Go!
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Home Remedy Acne Treatment   -   Spot Treatment on the Go!

It can be incredibly frustrating, inconvenient and downright annoying when you get that little breakout of acne the day before a big event, party, or pretty much any situation where you need to show your face in public. Sometimes all we need is a quick, cheap and easy homemade pimple treatment that doesn't involve shoving a paper bag over our head or hiding in the shadows all day.

Some of the best acne spot treatments around can be found in the home, or picked up for next to nothing from a health food shop or supermarket. Some of my favourite home pimple remedies are included below. My only suggestion would be to attempt some of these while you're home alone.. it's never a comfortable explanation when your housemate walks in and asks you why you're sensually rubbing ice blocks or garlic over your face. Not to mention the smell..

Treatment #1 - Lemon-eeeee Fresh

Lemons can be fantastic for a number of reasons. As I've touched on in a previous article, drinking a mixture of lemon juice and water is fantastic at making your skin glow from the inside out. What I didn't mention though, is that it can be used as a spot treatment by applying directly to the pimple. Leave it on overnight, and by the time your clock radio kicks off in the morning it should be nicely dried out! Just be careful to stay out of the sun with this treatment, as it can make increase your skin's sensitivity to sunlight and therefore increase your risk of turning bright red if you're outside for too long.

Treatment #2 - Iced Tea (sort of!)

I don't know which genius came up with this idea, but it's pretty fricken amazing! Just pour some strong green tea into ice cube trays and then, you guessed it.. put it into the freezer. Rub a cube over spots and blemishes for a couple of minutes for some awesome anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. A little off topic, but these are also great for reducing puffy eyes following that '2am boozy bedtime/6am get out of bed for work' combo.

Treatment #3 - The Anti-vampire

Keeping the living dead away from you AND fighting pimples and acne at the same time.. that's what I call multitasking! While you obviously don't want to be treating yourself to a garlic facial rub right before your dinner guests come round, it can be really beneficial in fighting bacteria and has great healing properties. Give it a go by rubbing a bit of garlic juice directly onto the spot and leaving it for as long as everyone in your general vicinity will allow.

Just remember that you will more than likely get used to the smell after a while and forget it's still on your face, not a good thing if you're hitting the clubs tonight! My advice if this happens? Just stay away from me..

There are plenty more home remedies for acne out there, but like I mentioned above, probably best if you give them a go when you know you're home alone. No one wants to explain to their partner/friend/mum who has just walked in, why they're creating some sort of chilled lemon and garlic concoction on their face! Unless that's what you're into? No judgement here..

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