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How To Get Rid Of Blemishes Fast
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How To Get Rid Of Blemishes Fast

Blemishes, skin inflammations, pimples or whatever you may want to call it is the most common problem of many men and women as it is the number cause of their severely low self-esteem and embarrassment. This is why the question repeatedly echoes in their voices; what is the best acne scar treatment?

Getting rid of acne scars may be a bit tricky but nevertheless when you do it the right way religiously, it is all worth it. In dealing with pimple scars, the saying “prevention is better than cure” significantly applies. Why? You will certainly know at the latter part of this article.

Right before you end up dealing with scars treatment, prevention is still your best weapon against them. What are some effective ways to prevent blemishes?

- Make sure to have your face always cleaned but do not overdo it. Over scrubbing of your facial skin may lead to further irritation and inflammation thus making in more prone to develop pimples and other types of skin irritations.

- Wash your face not more than 2 to 3 times each day with a hypoallergenic antibacterial soap. Refrain from using soap of other facial foams which has strong fragrances. This may cause further damage to your skin.

- In order to avoid building up of bacteria on your face, make sure to change your pillowcase from time to time. Same principle goes with your hankies, towels, make-up brushes and anything that gets in contact with your facial skin. Make sure that the things that get in contact with your facial skin are clean and free from germs.

- Refrain from using and applying heavy make-up. If you can’t help it, use make-ups that are water based and not oil based.

- Make sure that your face is always clean but nevertheless, avoid touching your face too often using your bare hands.

- There is no proven fact that greasy foods lead to pimple breakout. Nonetheless, it levels up the risk to your health. So better yet avoid them.

- Free yourself from stress and tone down your problems to avoid depression. If you can’t help it but be stressed, make sure not to take your beauty regimen for granted. Set aside quality time to speak to your skin and understand their needs.

Taking care of your skin is like having a relationship; it should be give and take.

People who are prone to develop too much pimple and acne may still experience dealing with it even after they found the best cure that works for them. But since they have found their most compatible treatment, it sensibly lessens the probability that those pimples will lead to scarring. Doing the preventive maintenance religiously together with some of the proven techniques on how to quickly dry those pimples off may help in avoiding the formation of pimples and blemishes.

If ever you have an oily skin, make sure that your facial wash and toner contains a healing and drying substance called the salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These agents will initiate the drying solution to those pimples. Once you think that you are experiencing pimples which are cystic by nature, it is highly advised that you apply warm compress on the affected area to have it drained first before allowing it to dry off using either the salicylic acid or the benzoyl peroxide.

One way to prevent you from being lead to undergo expensive acne scar treatment is to put a small amount of toothpaste (white) over the pimple and let it dry off overnight. The number ingredient that contributes to the healing process of pimple is mint.

One more effective way acne scar treatment is through the use of aspirin, although this is another preventive method rather than cure for pimple scars. Aspirin may be a good painkiller physically but it may also be a good painkiller emotionally since aspirin can magically cure and level up your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. Crush an aspirin in a small bowl and put in some warm water just enough to make a paste like mixture. Apply generous amount over the pimple and let it stand for several minutes. Rinse it thoroughly and you will notice that the inflammation is already lessened.

If pimples persist, then you should be able to prepare yourself in wearing off those ugly scars. But one secret to effectively avoid scars is to refrain from pricking your pimples.

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