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Medical Procedures For Acne
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Medical Procedures for Acne

Medications and various treatment regimen for acne has been around for a long time. A treatment program is matched according to the severity of the person’s acne condition. However, in serious cases of acne, where traditional or conventional therapy has no effect, we turn to a more mechanical approach where the removal of acne is done through physical manipulation.

Procedures have different effects and potential risks to a person; it may result to undesirable effects. That is why we have to note that these procedures are done only by medical professionals. It is highly important to consult a skin specialist before deciding to undergo such procedures.

1. Dermabrasion

This is a cosmetic medical procedure to remove damaged skin caused by minor burns from the sun or to lessen some dark spots and scars present on the skin. The procedure is called abrasion, or “sanding” the skin until the desirable effect is achieved. The process removes the old damaged skin and allows growth for a new skin layer. The procedure itself is very painful for a person to endure that is why general anesthesia is administered thus rendering the patient pain-free while staying in a semi-conscious state. After the procedure, expect that the skin to be red and the healing process of the area usually takes several months to form a new layer of skin.

2. Surgery

Draining oil blockage from acne is done through a minor surgical procedure called Surgical Lancing. This is done by making a small puncture in the skin using a sterile instrument usually a needle or scalpel, then draining any accumulated substance such as pus or oil build up such as in the case of severe acne.

3. Phototherapy

This procedure involves the use of light to treat the affected area.

a. Laser treatment – This form of surgery requires pulsed light to treat acne. The use of lasers will burn the follicle sac where the hair grows, it also burns sebaceous glands where oil is produced thus decreasing facial oil, and lastly, it allows the production of oxygen in the bacteria resulting in bacterial death.

Since the sebaceous glands are destroyed during the procedure, long term skin dryness is to be expected, spots can also be seen as a result to laser treatment because it can cause thermal damage to the skin.

b. Blue and Red light – considered to be a short term treatment regimen for acne. This consists of beaming the area with a mixture of ultraviolet and red light that are generated by specifically built fluorescent lighting equipment. This treatment is done two times per week and is used to treat mild to moderate acne.

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