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Over The Counter Acne Treatments That Work
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Acne, as with most medical conditions will affect an individual at some stage as you grow up.  Naturally some will experience it either mild or worse than others. In between will fall those who are neither here nor there.And there appears to be no one single cause for your acne but, it is universally acknowledged main causative factors among others are hormonal imbalance and genetics. There are times in our lives when our hormones seemed to mess up (usually at puberty and pregnancy) in which case you get infected with acne if it happens to be your genetic trait. Also, although there may not be direct link, this skin disorder may be aggravated by such factors as stress, diet, air quality and Life-style choices.  Good news however is, no matter cause of your skin condition there are many Over the Counter (OTC) medications available help you deal with your peculiar case

How effective they work for you is based on following factors.

(1) Your skin type

(2) Active ingredients in medication being used

(3) Root Cause of your acne

It must be understood not all products for treatment of this skin disorder work same way for every body.

Such drugs as salicylic acid work on reducing amount of dead skin cells on your body. It is generally effective for acne blemishes where no Inflammation has occurred.  It acts by opening up pores helping reduce acne blemishes formed. It performs this function by minimizing dead skin cells. So far it is not known to inhibit production of sebum or production of acne bacteria.

One side effect of salicylic acid is, it irritates skin in some people. What this means is, your skin type be ascertained prior to making treatment choice.  

.Every one’s skin is differen! You may have dry skin; I may have oily skin while Miss C may have combination of these types at different parts of body.

Acne on dry skin will respond better to creams while oily skin type will likely respond better to gel based medications.

Benzoyl peroxide works in reducing a form of acne bacteria which occurs naturally in your body as well as reducing quantity of dead skin cells.

The dual action of this (OTC) medication helps lessen effects of two of main causes of comedones (deep, large and pus-filled pimples) implicated in acne.

In fact since its discovery to be effective for treating mild cases of acne, it has been labeled the "wonder drug" for treating this skin disorder.

It comes as gel or lotion and can be used as preventive measure even after your acne is cleared up.Benzoyl peroxide must be used with caution though, because it dries up skin making it scaly if over-used. Besides it discolors fabrics like towels, shirts e.t.c      Alcohol and acetone:   Alcohol is used in conjunction with acetone in some over-the-counter acne treatment options. Alcohol is known to kill external bacteria while acetone renders your skin less oily opening up pores of the skin. 

Resorcinol: The active ingredients in this (OTC) medication have been noted to work well on small acne blemishes, especially when combined with sulfur.

Sulfur on its own has been used for decades as (OTC) medication usually in combination with alcohol, salicylic acid and resorcinol. The down side of sulfur is, it has an unpleasant smell.

Caution: It is strongly advised that those with sensitive skin type take extra care in applying these O.T.C medications as they could irritate the skin. Those with mild or seemingly manageable cases can however control their acne infections with these (OTC) drugs if administered religiously. No matter your acne condition, rest assured that drugs abound to rid you of this skin blemish which has inflicted pain, stress, embarrassment as well as physical and emotional trauma on millions globally.

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