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Prescription Acne Medication - My Review Of Accutane
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Prescription Acne Medication  -  My Review Of Accutane

During my teenage years, my cystic acne got to the unfortunate point where acne medication available over- the-counter (and most things from the doctor for that matter) would have little to no lasting impact. It was at this point where I started doing my research and came across a tonne of Accutane reviews. Some were absolutely amazing, total facial transformations! But then for every 10 good reviews there was always a horror story about the traumatic side effects that could occur.

At this point in my life, I was willing to give almost anything a try, even with some of the negative literature around. My dermatologist advised me that Accutane was certainly the strongest and also the most successful of all of the acne medication pills available, despite the risks.

Accutane Side Effects

Some of these risks included (and this is certainly an abridged version of them) dryness around the mouth, lips, eyes and nostrils, onto more severe side effects such as stomach cramps, dizziness and even depression. For those of the fairer sex, this got even worse, with the risk of birth defects if Accutane was taken during pregnancy! Definitely not something to be taken lightly...Despite all of this I pushed on, got my blood tests done to ensure everything was normal, and received my first two month prescription. Here goes nothing…

Two Weeks into Treatment

The first thing I noticed after the first couple of weeks was the dryness. My skin was always covered by a pretty decent oil slick, even at the best of times. This had receded incredibly quickly, to the point where any excess oil was nearly non-existent, and a lot of my larger pimples had dried right out. On top of this, no new acne was forming, so I figured it was now just a waiting game to get rid of the already existing coverage on my face.

Probably the only change I'd made lifestyle-wise at this early stage was that I had started to use a lip-balm, as the mouth area seems to be the first place that the Accutane affects. I was also being a bit more careful with my sun exposure (which can be pretty tough living by the beach in Australia) as Accutane certainly increases your skin's sensitivity to the sun, which I found out the hard way one extremely hot afternoon!

Two Month into Treatment

Wow, what a difference this treatment can make in a couple of months. Nearly all of the redness that always went hand-in-hand with my skin was gone. As well as this, I had only minor spots remaining, and these were drying out by the day. Of course, with all of this drying out of my acne, my face as a whole was also receiving it's fair share. The corners of my mouth were constantly dry, cracked and often sore, and I found myself lathering a thick layer of Vaseline on them every night before bed. My eyes were also quite sore, and the eye drops that were supplied in the Accutane starter kit (received from the dermatologist) were getting a pretty good workout.

The other side effect that I noticed was general soreness through my muscles and joints. I played a lot of football and basketball, and it seemed like I was taking an extra day or two longer to recover than I usually would after a game. Overall though, I think I got off fairly lightly considering some of the Accutane side effects that were possible.

Would I Recommend it?

I would certainly recommend Accutane as it has proven to be one of the most effective and best acne medications available, and it worked wonders in all but eliminating my cystic acne. Just be sure to exhaust all other over-the-counter acne treatments and do your research on possible Accutane side effects before giving it a try.

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