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Should You Consider Laser Treatment For Acne Rosacea?
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Rosacea laser treatment was first used in 1980.

The first type is pulsed dye laser. This type has been used for the treatment of acne rosacea for many years. Pulsed-dye laser treatments are considered to be a better way of treating redness on face .According to published results a couple of treatments can improve your results by 40-60%.

The second -IPL- Intense pulse laser treatment is a variation which can treat pimples and acne. Light Energy is focused in to the affected area of damage to the cells speeding up healing.

The third type of laser is the YAG green. YAG Green laser uses laser diodes. This is considered less effective than Pulsed Dye Laser but causes minimal bruising due to less energy and a different wavelength being applied.

Your dermatologist can guide you on the choice of laser treatments available to you. In a nutshell laser treatment eliminates dilated blood cells, veins, and skin thickening from the affected area. In addition to treatment of pimples and general effects of acne.

The results you receive from Laser Treatment will depend on:

1. Size of the affected area

2. Amount of time assigned for the treatment

3. Skin type

4. Level of mildness or severity

5. Your life style

6. Your regular exposure to sun

You will need to discuss this with the physician or nurse performing the treatment.

Even so, there can be dramatic improvements in the before and after photos that your dermatologist can show you during consultations.

In fact laser treatment can produce permanent effects, can be very effective in reducing symptoms and improving skin tone and complexion. However, laser treatment also can be painful, has numerous side effects, and the procedure is not covered by most insurance.

Here are some possible side effects:

1. Puffed up and redness for few days

2. Scar which may last one to two weeks

3. Skin to remain darker for a while

4. Dryness

5. There are times laser treatment can make your condition worse.

Who is laser treatment not suitable for?

1. Pregnant women

2. People with artificial tan

3. People who suffer from diabetes

4. People with clotting disorders

5. People with Keloidal scars

First and foremost, do not get your hopes up too high. You can be disappointed with the results – it is important to understand and set your expectation levels in collaboration with your dermatologist. Remember, rosacea laser treatment is not a cure. It does not address the underlying cause of rosacea.

Finally, find a dermatologist who is experienced in providing laser surgery. Look at some testimonials and ask to speak to their past clients who underwent laser treatment for acne rosacea.

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