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Top 3 Ingredients To Avoid In Skin Care Products - Especially Home Acne Remedies
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Top 3 Ingredients To Avoid In Skin Care Products  -  Especially Home Acne Remedies

It is a good idea to be careful and mindful of the ingredients you are buying in acne products that can pose adverse affects on the skin and be aware of ingredients to avoid in skin care products.

While some skin care products claim they are all natural home acne remedies the fact they are on the shelf with a list of ingredients and warnings tends to make us think otherwise and force us to believe they are not really home acne remedies at all.

Even though not all chemical ingredients pose a threat to our skin looking for a cure to ailments like treating acne, some can be very harsh on the skin. When using these chemically made acne products for long periods of time these harmful ingredients can affect your overall health too.

Some less serious side effects are irritation the skin and can make acne worse, so you should be aware of ingredients to avoid in skin care products.

So what are some chemical ingredients to avoid in skin care products?

Petroleum based products are number one. Petroleum is a widely used ingredient in skin care products like anti-aging, products for babies, lotions, eye creams and more but is also found in numerous amounts of home acne remedies.

Scientific studies have found that petroleum although natural does contain cancer causing carcinogens and the European Union has even gone as far as to making these types of products prohibited in Europe!

Not only in America is it fairly cheap to produce and use petroleum, but like everything else it involves money and we shouldn’t expect to see this profitable ingredient to be banned in the U.S. when it’s a money maker for big pharmaceutical companies.

Another ingredient to avoid in skin care products is one you may not have heard of before, in fact I am willing to guarantee you have not but none the less should be mindful of when looking at a products list of ingredients and here is why…

Bismuth Oxy-chloride.

Doesn’t even sound appealing for the skin does it? Well if you are a woman you can probably assume you will find it in products like powders and a list in other makeup. If you have sensitive skin this one is really quite irritating.

This ingredient has not been banned from use in skin care products, however it can and will cause irritation to the skin and in most cases studied will increase inflammation and cause redness over time.

Last but certainly not least is one ingredient that takes the cake in being virtually in every one of these so called home acne remedies you can buy over the counter and that is “Fragrance”.

You wouldn’t put something on your face to treat acne if it smelled like eggs would you? Well products for the treatment of acne are made to be appealing, even the smell of them however most fragrances are derived from none other than… Petroleum!

This is probably one of the hardest ingredients to avoid in skin care products ad it is in almost every over the counter drug you buy today. Be mindful of this, it is a big deal. Why is fragrance such a big deal?

The most prominent reason among others is that studies have show it to be toxic to the immune system and that by using such products you run greater risk of developing things like disorders of the central nervous system, birth defects, and even cancer.

Allergic reactions are more common along with headaches and the all time obvious, skin irritation. If you notice your skin having an adverse reaction to some over the counter acne medication make sure you check the list of ingredients and discontinue to use it if these top 3 are found.

Natural home acne remedies could be sought out instead as many are a combination of all natural not man-made ingredients you use from products you already have at home.

Be mindful in your decisions when looking for an acne cure or any other cure for a skin ailment as you could be doing more harm than good.

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