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treatment of acne
Treatment Of Acne
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Treatment Of Acne

Getting a flawless and a glowing skin

Acne is very common in daily life. A majority of people seek heavy medication in order to get a clear skin. Some of these products unfortunately damage the skin and even the body. Most people are not conversant with healthy ways of getting a clear skin.

Tips for clear skin

Vital tips on skin care are integral if your skin is to glow as well as become flawless. These tips enable the skin to appear perfect. Some of us bear pimples that irritatingly fail to disappear regardless of constant scrubbing. These zits require super-secret tips completely zap them out.

• The use of tree oil on the pimple makes the skin feels tingly and consequently makes the skin feel natural and fresh

• Cream cleanser helps mitigate breakouts because it completely smoothens as well as exfoliates the skin

• Keeping the pimple always clean to reduce chances of infection

• Drinking a lot of water since water cleans the body of harmful toxins. Dehydration makes the skin look older and can even cause acne

• Usage of products containing salicylic acid ensure that the pimples heal quickly

• Dotting baking soda and leaving the pimple overnight

• Proper hygiene is very important. Changing the pillow case regularly ensures that bed bacteria. Cleaning bed covers and sheets can prevent body acne too

• Exercise and proper diet are important. Consumption of vegetables as well as fruits can be very beneficial

• Moisturizing the skin keeps the skin healthy through good lotions chosen according to the type of skin

Foods that Clear Acne

Drinking a lot of water, eating more vegetables, averting fried foods as well as alcohol is a sure way of acne relief. Elimination of sugary drinks- that is, both juices and soda help in the reduction of acne.

Some people drink milk which make their skin look unclear. Thus, such people ought to eliminate milk and even any dairy from their diet. They may be suffering from food allergy.

Foods like white bread, soda and pastries spike the blood sugar level thus making the pancreas produce excess insulin. Insulin triggers the sebaceous glands to make and secrete sebum which is an oily substance. Excessive production of sebum makes bacteria p. Acne proliferate and hence clogging up of hair follicles.

Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are a fundamental diet if blemishes on the skin are to be avoided.

Valori Treloar and Alan C. Morgan in their book The Clear Skin Diet postulate that certain foods can help eliminate acne. The varied foods and nutrients that can facilitate the combat of acne include:

• Fiber

• Whole grains

• Selenium

• Omega-3 oils from fish

• Antioxidants

• Zinc

• Green tea

• Cucumbers

Regardless of the fact that genetics may influence skin quality, proper dieting help clear the skin of acne. Cooked foods as opposed to fast and junk food as well refined grains contain a high-level amount of Omega-6 fatty acids. Junk food is said to cause acne. This is well elaborated by Dr Perricone in his book, The Clear Skin Diet.

Consumption of foods that do not cause inflammation and the ones mentioned here on helps curb the risks of getting acne. Sugary caffeinated drinks cause acne too.

Seed oils such as flax seed contain a low sugar level. Flax seed contain a lot of proteins. This helps reduce chances of inflammation. Fresh vegetables contain antioxidants that help clear up the skin.

Acne remedies

Some skins are acne prone. Getting a clear skin is difficult to get in reality. When your skin is acne prone, pimples just erupt on your skin occasionally. These pimples later disappear leaving behind very ugly scars that are hard to remove.

When exposure to the sun is prolonged, the skin becomes red. Consequently, blisters erupt. Some other people have wrinkles and age spots. These problems can actually be solved. This is with skin creams, home remedies and skin treatments. All these methods and other methods used to clear up the skin.

In case of a mild skin problem, over-the-counter creams or even gels can be used for skin care. There exist innumerable products in this regard in the market today. These gels and creams can effectively be used to remove scars on the skin, reduce wrinkles as well as clear up pimples. Brands from reputable organizations are reliable.

When the skin problem is more serious, a visit to a dermatologist ( a doctor specializing in skin pathology and physiology). This will ensure that proper skin treatment is carried out. Oral antibiotics and medicated lotions are used to treat acne. Otherwise, they must be applied topically.

Laser treatment can also be used in treating acne. This advanced form is used to get rid of skin blemishes. Laser is radiated in high intensity into the skin to remove the skin’s uppermost layer. The lower layer is hence well tightened. This helps in smothering of the skin and getting a clear skin. This is used to remove wrinkles, skin spots on the body as well as acne scars. For chemical peels, micro abrasion, deep scars and cosmetic surgery can also be used to have a clear skin.

Home-based remedies for acne scars

Some of the products used to make the skin clear include:-

• Use of lemon juice which has bleaching properties thus lighten up scar marks on the skin

• Application of very thick paste made up of the sandalwood powder, milk and blackish gram powder

• Use aloe Vera to get relief from excessive sunburn. The gel provides a protective layer on the damaged skin and thus able to hold moisture within the body. Sunburns heal faster if this kind of treatment is used.

• Carrot juice that is freshly extracted mixed with raw honey can be applied on the face and left untouched for a considerable period. Warm water with sodium bicarbonate is the used to wipe off the face through the use of cotton wool. This gets rid of wrinkles in no time!

Vitamins and Acne

Food supplements made up of Vitamin A,D and even E are beneficial in making the skin clear. When this is done on regular basis, the skin becomes clear. Vitamin C used in wound healing and also in the prevention of skin infections.

Vitamin A is commonly referred to as the ‘skin vitamin’ while Vitamin E is important for any healthy skin. A multivitamin diet would then be very beneficial to the skin and the body at large.

Vitamin A is very important since it helps in the growth of cells. This culminates to a strong skin. This is a very powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from damage that free radicals (which are products of metabolism) may cause. Dietary sources those in beta-carotene form. The best sources of Vitamin A are:

• Carrots

• Spinach

• Pink grapefruit

• Sweet potatoes

On the other hand, Vitamin B complex is used to ensure a healthy skin. Deficiency in inositol (occurs in plant and animal tissue) and biotin (found in yeast, egg yolk and liver) causes eczema which is a disease that involves the skin patches becoming inflamed and rough coupled with bleeding blisters.

Deficiency in vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 causes dermatitis. This is causes skin inflammation due to direct irritation from an external factor or allergic reaction towards it by the skin.

Retinoid is the synthetic vitamin A used in skin-care products made to cure acne and effectively combat wrinkles. Retinoids like isotretinoin or even etretinate are sometimes by doctors for severe acne. They are also used in skin cancer prevention for certain individuals.

Vitamin B-family assists in achieving a clear skin. This can be done either directly or indirectly. Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) is used as a stress reliever. Since some skin conditions are stress-related, for instance eczema is prevented. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is used like an antioxidant.

Vitamin B6, either riboflavin or/and pyroxidine plays a central role the prevention of acne. Vitamin B dietary sources include-

• Fish

• Green vegetables

• Beans

• Peas

Finally yet importantly, Vitamin E helps the skin to recover from the results of acne through skin repair. It is a very important ingredient in the products that are used in skin care. This helps in the prevention of free radical that may damage the already repaired skin.

Clear Skin Creams

Some people’s skins are overreacting to some skin creams. Even with innumerable cream products in the world nowadays, homegrown cocktails still provide a majority of people with the alternative remedy due to failure of these cream products to meet the customers unique specifications.

Consequently, this does not augur well with some skins’ reaction to some of these conventional drugs that instead overreacts to it.

Sometimes, cream products designed to remove the oil u the acne. This causes increased inflammation. This further block the sweat pores.

Some of the well know and globally acknowledged skin creams that effectively clear up skin acne include:-

• Advil, which is an oral ibuprofen that can help to clear with, inflamed pimples. Unfortunately, Advil cannot clear either blackheads or the whiteheads

• Aspirin is a salicylate meaning that you prepare a little paste out of it and then apply it on a pimple

• Benadryl is beneficial for only acne rosacea which is a subset of acne

• Hibiclens is an antibacterial general-purpose cleanser and it is very good for folliculitis which is an infection on the follicles that appear more of acne. Unfortunately, Hibiclens is drying for application on the face

• Monistat is for those who possess minute pimples often in the form of the product yeast, but not bacterial acne. It acts like a moisturizer and does not hurt the user.

• Pepto-Bismuth’s major and active ingredient is subsalicylate. It makes red fade away through Benzoic acid

Oily skin solutions

Dennis Gross, a New York based dermatologist posits that the conventional treatment for acne among teenagers is to try to dry the acne and consequently try to remove the oil. The amount of sebum decreases as people age.

In spite of this, the oil that we have becomes some sought of pore-clogging glue. Conversely, for the adults, the problem lies with oil chemistry. Hormonal changes lead to changes in oil. It becomes viscous. It therefore stuck as it flows out through the pore.

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