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What Are Cheap But Effective Home Acne Remedies?
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What Are Cheap But Effective Home Acne Remedies?

Acne – a very disturbing and frustrating skin problem, can it be cured naturally?

It has been one of the top problems of most individuals these days – young or old. It could become even more annoying when seemingly nothing works. There are some off-shelf products that are becoming popular these days, but for some reasons, not all individuals see these products to become effective.

In some cases, acne sufferers have even perceived these products as something that may have worsened their current condition. This is one reasons why people are now looking for home acne remedies, instead of the over the counter medications, treatments and other topical products that the market has to offer.

Home acne remedies could help people save a huge amount of money. First and foremost, some of the products that sound really “promising” can be very expensive, and may not work with all skin types.

Yet people still fall for these products only to find out that it won’t work for their skin type, hence, a huge waste of money and time on their end. There are some individuals however who say that not all these products have false advertisements...

There are some that do work, but people are now afraid to risk their money and their own skin. The good thing about acne (you think Im crazy for saying "good" thing I know lol sry but I am at a lack for a better word here) is that it is a skin condition that you simply don’t have to suffer for the rest of your life.

There are simple, cheap but very effective home acne remedies that you can do – even with very little resources you can change your skin drastically by following these simple "rules" if you will.

The ACNE DO's & DONT's :

• Drinking lots of water can greatly help. Water hydrates your skin giving you a soft and a smooth finish.

Additionally, taking vitamins / supplements and exercise could also help you release those toxins that may be stored under your skin, but without enough water they cannot do their job.

Remember, acne is caused by dirt and toxins, and the best way to get rid of the problem is by detoxifying – go straight to the problem.

This is not just superficial, and it is best that you start with eating a healthy diet, allowing you to be getting the proper vitamins and supplements and regular exercise to aid all of this at the same time.

• DO NOT touch your face at all times. Some people unconsciously touch their face – without them knowing that their own hands could cause the acne problems they have been experiencing, be self conscious about this more.

Make sure that you wash your hands and your face on a regular basis, to make sure that dirt won’t penetrate your pores.

• Go inside the bathroom – find your toothpaste. Although it may sound really weird, but this is one of the top home acne remedies. Toothpaste has properties that could reduce the swelling and the redness of pimples.

Before you go to bed, apply a small amount of toothpaste on your face and see the effects immediately when you wake up. A secret I have found to this is that for some reason or another "white" toothpaste does a better job at this, you don't want to be putting cinnamon flavored on your face for example, lol owch!

• Mix vinegar and salt. Rub it over your pimples and wait for 10 – 20 minutes. Make sure that your face is clean prior to doing this. After 20 minutes, rinse it with lukewarm water. You can also substitute the salt with baking soda or just use water and baking soda too.

• Garlic is also considered as a part of the effective home acne remedies system. If you could tolerate its smell, apply fresh garlic on the affected areas (pimples). After a couple of repeated applications, you’d see that they would gradually disappear.

There are a lot of home acne remedies available, and you don’t have to settle with the expensive ones being sold in the market. Try some of these at home. These are safe acne solutions, cheap and effective too!

Finding even more of these amazing treatments is just a matter of finding natural skincare remedies. There are a lot of home acne remedies reviews out there for you, and you do not have to resort to using expensive medications in this holistic approach to clear your acne.

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