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Who Else Wants To Use Bird Poop On Thier Face, Your In Luck If You Live In The USA And Have Pimples?
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Who Else Wants To Use Bird Poop On Thier Face, Your In Luck If You Live In The USA And Have Pimples?

What Would You Do If A Specialist Suggested Rubbing Bird Poo Into Your Face?

Flattering I know, however bird poop is becoming more known for its miracle ways of clearing skin and mixed with rice bran and water to create a paste, is then applied to the face.

So What Makes This Bird Poop So Special?

This is not any seagull poo you get on your car or even shoulder if your unlucky but from a bird called (Cettia diphone) Japanese bush warbler which is part of the nightingale breeds of birds. Uguisu no fun means nightingale feces in japanese and is what the japanese have been using for centuries for removing make up, stains, polishing shaven heads and even whitening teeth.

Now this sounds really disgusting

However Uguisu no fun is extremely beneficial for brightening skin, balancing skin tones and 'clearing up acne'. This is because it contains Fat degrading enzymes and brightening enzymes which are brilliant for spots, pimples and acne.

Safe or Not Safe?

When nightingale feces is collected, its then sanitized under Uv(ultra violet) lights to kill all bacteria and once sanitized its cemented in a similar way to cement for 18 hours+ to create a white paste. There is a Spa in New York which do Uguisu no fun for patients and sounds 'no fun' but is becoming more popular especially in celebrities like Victoria and David Beckham who been reported there more than once.

Bird Poop For Acne Pimples, Spots And Blackheads.

This new alternative to clearing up skin is really useful against acne because it has minimal/if any side effects, is organic and natural. (cannot really get more natural than poo) The enzymes work really well at healing skin, balancing skin tones and brightening skin to make it more natural.

After using Uguisu No Fun on the face the skin will feel noticable softer, smoother and more natural looking thanks to the whitening enzyme. However this treatment is not for the faint hearted or cheap. The Uguisu no fun Spa in New York charge $180 got an hours treatment in which the skin is cleansed, and prepared for the magical poo to be applied to the area.

Once applied it will be left on for 20 minutes and will not smell. In fact in smell of rice gran is more potent then the odor of nightingale feces but apparently is smelt after 20 minutes.

Uguisu no fun is not as bad as you may have thought and very beneficial for the skin especially for acne sufferers and people who get pimple breakouts. This new treatment is becoming more popular per week and one day we might all be using this in out tooth paste, washing up liquid and hair products.

Hope this helped

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