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Acupuncture-is It For You
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Acupuncture, an old chinese medicine, focuses on healing from within, body, mind,and spirit. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with herbal remedies and massage. Acupuncture is the insertion of needless into the skin at various pre-determined locations. These needles then stimulate the nervous system to release chemicals which in turn release hormones to produce the desired result. Acupuncture is believed to control the flow of energy in the body, with the use of needles, and redirect the energy to restore balance to the body and thereby improve your health.

So that leads my to the question; Are you afraid of needles? 17 years of being a nurse and I still don't like needles. I can't even watch when the lab takes blood; and is it just my imagination or does that little bit of metal not burn just alittle. Of course it doesn't stop me from giving needles. I just don't do the "dartboard" injection. I am much too afraid my aim will be off and I'll end up sticking my thumb or something. So I carefully pick my spot, bring the needle to the skin and gently push. Many of my clients say they don't even feel it and are surprised when I'm done.

I remember one client a 16 year old girl who I was suppose to teach how to give herself her own injections for a blood clot. When I arrived her Mom was adament that I would have to do all the injections. Upon talking to both Mom and client it was reveiled that the client was afraid of the needles. My question was "is it the whole dartboard thing like you see on tv." She laughed and said yes she was also afraid of sticking her hand. After I explained my technique to her she was doing her own injections within 2 more visits. Just goes to show you that fear and cynasism never cured anyone.

My journey with my weight loss has lead me to consider Acupuncture. Yes me with the fear/dislike of needles is actually considering the possibility of it being a successful solution to my problem. I have gone so far as to call a local acupuncturist for pricing and an estimate of the number of sessions it would take to see results. The answer was that it would take about 6 sessions and the total price would come in at approximately $300. Now if I can just talk my husband into letting me try it.

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