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Acupuncture Medical Procedure – How Does It Works
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When I was in grade six, I experience terrible stomachache. At first, my mother looks for remedies to stop my stomachache. When the days pass by, my stomachache becomes more awful. After 3 days, my mother brought me to the hospital. We found out that the reason of my stomachache is appendicitis. I was just 12 years of age at that time. The doctor declares that I must undergo operation. My family was scared of operation for I was just a just a teen. They withdraw my admission to the hospital. They bought me to the clinic that performs acupuncture.

Acupuncture is the treatment of disorders by inserting needles into the skin at points where the flow of energy thought to be blocked meridians. In the late 17th century, the name acupuncture comes from Latin word acus means “needle”. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure that involves insertion and manipulation of needles at any of more than 360 spots in the human body. At this time, acupuncture used in most hospitals in China and by some other private practitioners in Japan and in another place, including the United States. Even in some parts of Philippines was practicing acupuncture.

Acupuncture developed in response to the theory that there are special meridian points on the body connected to the internal organs and that that essential energy flows along the meridian lines. Chinese doctors are care for some forms of heart disease with acupuncture. Good evidence also suggests that acupuncture relieves nausea during pregnancy and pain after dental surgery. In addition, military field physicians use the practice of acupuncture to treat the mind traumatic brain injuries. It is good for the people that are survivors of cancer. Besides, it may be beneficial to those people who have medically unexplained symptoms.

The first needles use for acupuncture was stone and later turn to bronze, gold or silver. Recently, needles used are usually made of steel.

As I remembered in my experience in acupuncture, five or more needles inserted in my stomach and attach with an electric device. After I have undergone acupuncture, I feel relief and my appendicitis gone untill present. Several people doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture. However, some people are preferred to acupuncture. Should I say that it is better to know those people that are specialist for that field? It is good to be sure. Know whom you give your trust and confident.

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