What Is Acupuncture - Why People Do Not Lose Their Weight?
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What is Acupuncture  -  Why People Do Not Lose Their Weight?

What is acupuncture? A Research from Korea shows that ear acupuncture is very useful for losing weight. Like some pressure points in different parts of human body, a new research shows that five acupuncture pressure points in ears stimulate the weight loss that helps to reduce the weight.

A Scientist of Kyung Hee University in Seoul published his research online on Acupuncture in Medicine. He treated 31 overweight people by entering needles two millimeter in five different points of ear and fixed it with surgical tape for one week. Same method was repeated to the other ear for over eight weeks. He inserted needle only at one point in another group of 30 people. Same treatment used to third group, it means that needles insert and remove immediately after injection.

After the end of eight week period first group lost 6% of their body extra weight, second group lost 5.7% of their body mass, but before end of eight week period 15 people back out from control group. According to scientists of Kyung Hee University, the first group which got five point acupuncture therapy loss the biggest part of their waist. According to University of Maryland, acupuncture therapy can help to reduce weight.

Reasons Why People Do Not Lose Their Weight

People think a lot on how they can get free from obesity, but they cannot see the reasons behind their fatness. If people follow these simple mentioned steps, their life will be completely free from extra weight.

Make Workout Friend

Exercise and workout alone is usually hard for people, because they do not feel motivation alone. If you want to stop storing extra weight and lose it then join a gym or make workout friend, he/she will support you for losing weight and you can encourage him/her in return.

Don’t Stop Yourself from Solid Food

Usually people stop to eat sold food and skip the important meals of the day, its unhealthy habit. At first you lose weight gradually, but it is only provisional. It’s essential to keep your body nourished for losing the extra weight of your body.

Workout and Exercise

People do not understand the difference between building muscle and burning fat. Only losing weight is not a healthy habit, exercise and workout make your muscles and increase your weight but this increase in weight is good for you and helps to reducing fat.

Not Completing Exercise and Workout Properly

Workout not means that you just get sweat and you don’t achieve anything. Human body needs a combination of proper exercise; proper body stretching and workout for reducing your obesity and excess weight and get healthy.

Dishonest With Dieting Plan

People usually do not follow their diet plan. It’s human nature that if he/she wants to control the feeling, then they have trouble. However, they must use their power and strength and must follow dieting plans properly.

All the facts and research given in this article is resource by John Barban; who is known as the famous fitness expert of United States. He has given some authentications about the weight loss secrets along with their explanation that how much diet is required for a person to lose weight along with his workout plan. For the more detailed info you may go through his official website which is easily available on internet.

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