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Couples In Recovery Today - Where To Turn?
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Out of the many resources on the internet today there is a lack of help for those of us who are in a relationship where both people are recovering from an addiction.  Addiction is a devastating, insidious and incurable disease that affects people from all walks of life.  From the rich to the poor to the highly intelligent it has no preference.  For those of you who are in such a relationship you know all too well the tribulations that we face within that relationship.  The road that you are on might be filled with heartache and tears.  We may feel as if we are losing our partner.  We might find ourselves sleeping beside someone every night but have lost all real contact with that person.  In recovery we may have stopped practicing our addiction but the fact remains that we are left with a living problem.  Prior to getting into recovery we made our own pain and then did not know how to live with it.  We created our own misery and did not even realize it.

Research into the field of addiction has increased tremendously over the past several years.  Scientists have found that addiction affects both our brains and our behavior.  They have identified many of the biological and environmental factors and have begun searching for genetic factors that play into the development and progression of addiction.  From the knowledge gained in these studies effective prevention and treatment will be developed which will lessen the consequences that addiction has on anyone affected by this disease.  Scientists use this knowledge to develop effective prevention and treatment approaches that cut the toll that addiction can take on a person, a couple, and even entire families. You will find additional research articles on recovery and addiction.

My life partner and I are in recovery for the second time in our twenty-three year-long relationship.  Our relapse took us down an eighteen year road that eventually led to our very own hell on earth.  It was as if we were on a merry-go-round.  Each day we did what we knew we had to do.  The get up, go to work, cook dinner, watch television, go to bed routine had never been more real or more painful.  Facing financial difficulties and seeing no end in sight it was easy to fall into a hopeless mode.  It was even easier to cover up our pain by remaining active in our addictions.

My partner and I initially met in a Twelve Step Program that is once again one of the main tools that we use in our respective recovery programs.  There are many different types of Twelve Step Programs.  The amazing thing about them is that they work, but only if you take the effort to work them.  Psychology can offer us healing but for those who have no medical insurance or financial stability it is beyond reach.  Spirituality plays a crucial role in our quest to not only stop acting out on our particular addictions but towards finding a new way to live.  Accepting  a power that is greater than we are and realizing that such a power can indeed help us is an absolute necessity in recovery.  Another necessary tool of recovery is accepting that we cannot do it alone.  We learn that to stay in recovery we must give back to others what has been given to us.  Prior to my entering a thirty-day treatment program in October of 2010 I had completely isolated myself, not only from my partner but from my children, other family members and what few friends that remained.  I had never in my life felt so alone.  I had lost the will to live.  Today, back in the safe place that is my home group, I have real friends whom I know I can call upon for anything and if it is within their power at all they will be there for me.  From everyday life issues to a major crisis I know that today I have a support system and friends that truly care about me.  Due to whatever circumstances a couple may be facing, the internet may well be the only place they have to reach out to. There is a blog page on addiction and recovery where couples and individuals can do just that.  There are many other tools that can help us but researching and finding them is difficult.

Today we have a choice.  Today we can choose life.  Today we can choose happiness. They are choices.  Based on the law of attraction I truly believe that if one thinks positively then positive things will come their way. Couples and individuals will find book reviews, research articles and the blog where we can share about our struggles and our progress.  Together we can learn to take responsibility for our own recovery while discovering the key to healthy relationships.

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