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Health Effects Of Smoking Marijuana
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Health Effects Of Smoking Marijuana

Every weed smoker out there is somewhat informed of the health effects that come along with smoking marijuana though they still go on smoking the weed. There are two possible reasons as to why you have taken time to read this, one; you smoke weed and you want a valuable reason to stop (you will have one after reading this) two, you just want to know the health effects of smoking marijuana. For both cases, after reading this short article, you should understand why smoking marijuana is health threatening and how you can help yourself or anyone else to stop smoking marijuana. Enough chit chat, lets get started.

What is marijuana? (It’s more than just weed)

Over the years, scientists have done studies that prove some strange health facts about smoking marijuana that you probably have no idea whatsoever about. Some are:

> weed comes from the female cannabis sativa plant, as excretion. So if the plant ‘herself’ refuses to take the weed, why do you smoke it? Technically you are consuming the plant’s…. I won’t finish that, but I hope you get the picture.

>Did you know that if you gave a deer marijuana the deer would chew it up? Think about it, by smoking weed, you are basically consuming the same thing a deer would eat. I don’t know whether you would consider it a health effect of smoking marijuana, but that’s not right.

Smoking (whatever your smoking, its harmful)

Whether you are smoking marijuana, cigarettes or anything ‘smokable’ if I may use broken English; you are still putting your health at risk. Smoking can fetch you lung cancer, stomach cancer, mouth cancer and so much more, I can go on for the rest of this article. So before you think about the health effects of smoking marijuana, consider the natural effects of smoking.

Negative health effects of smoking marijuana and what they mean to you as a marijuana smoker

There are some health effects of smoking marijuana that are known of allover, I’m talking about depression, anxiety, processing slowly and so much more, but on this point I’d like to get your attention deeply on the effects that some these ‘tiny’ effects have on you.

Most people who smoke marijuana have lots of problems, if not depression or just stress it’s the desire to have that head rush and the feeling of being high on weed. But look at it this way, Tom is a 35 year old who has stress and is depressed, so he turns to marijuana. Yeah, it is wrong but effects on his side would be:

  • Slowing down
  • Slower damage on his already developed mind
  • Imprisonment after living free for 35 years

On the other hand, Joey a 17 year old, has some stress and depression because his parents refused him to go for a party or because he got dumped; any can do. But the effects far different:

  • Slowing down
  • His mind is most likely not yet fully developed but getting damaged
  • He has a higher chance of losing control and getting addicted compared to Tom
  • imprisonment after living free for 17 years

Nevertheless, both of these characters are imposing on themselves some really negative health effects that come along with smoking marijuana. Turning around is never too difficult, that is if you stop smoking marijuana using the right ways. I have seen people who used to smoke marijuana every single day stop in a matter of 7-10 days just because they had the right information about what to do.

Putting the weed down and deciding to stop won’t get you there. You need people to give you tips and advice you on what you must do. You can as well turn to online communities about quitting marijuana where you can ask your questions and get the same support or even better.

Stopping may just be the right thing.

Thanks for your time :)

Street Talk

dude i think you need to get your facts straight before you right an article on it. Marijuana is not at all bad for you if it was why do you think DOCTORS PRESCRIBE it to you. Another thing every single thing you said in this article about marijuana is a lie. I used to smoke marijuana on a daily basis and it never did anything to me i am probably 1 of the smartest people. Marijuana has been found to prevent lung cancer not cause it. It also is used to cure Glaucoma and is legal in certain parts of California and Canada with the proper cards. It don't slow you down or make you addicted,another thing have you ever seen someone die from smoking weed it is a whole lot safer than someone getting drunk and driving a car .If anything i do agree with you about cigarettes they do kill you millions of people die each year from lung cancer from cigarettes. Please next time you right an article get your facts straight first.

  about 1 decade ago

Good info on what to avoid. It pays to consider the consequences before you start doing something you'll regret.

  about 1 decade ago
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