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Heather Locklear: Is She Being Self Destructive Due To Low Self Esteem?
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Heather Locklear: Is She Being Self Destructive Due to Low Self Esteem?

Heather Locklear, an actress, who played Sammy Jo Dean Carrington on Dynasty (1981 - 1989) and played Amanda Woodward on "Melrose Place" (2010) was recently hospitalized because she mixed alcohol and prescription drugs. She has had problems with using too many prescription drugs before (2008). She recently broke up with her boyfriend. Sometimes people get drunk and take too many drugs to numb the pain of facing reality. Relationship breakups can be painful, and can lead to serious problems with self esteem. In a couple of my recent blog posts, I talked about how I suffered from low self esteem, and how it became worse after my divorce.

People who abuse alcohol and drugs can be considered to be self-destructive, because they aren't taking care of their bodies. Alcoholics and drug addicts often continue to depend on alcohol and drugs, even when they face negative consequences such as getting into legal trouble for driving under the influence (Heather Locklear was arrested for that). Alcoholics and drug addicts may spend huge sums of money within a short period of time.

People with low self esteem sometimes use alcohol or drugs (or a combination of both) to overcome fears of being inadequate. For the purpose of simplicity, the terms "addict," "addiction," and "drugs" in the rest of this article may refer to alcohol or drugs or a combination of both. Some people become addicted to prescription drugs, and other people become addicted to illicit drugs or maybe both. People who have addiction problems may be uncomfortable in social situations, or they may be trying to improve their performance (to be less nervous or to be more mentally alert).

One of the problems with using alcohol and drugs is dependence. People start needing more and more drugs to feel better. They develop a habit of using them because they start feeling better when they are using drugs than when they are sober (not under the influence of drugs). Sometimes they will become careless and overdose or they may overdose intentionally. They may think a certain amount of drugs are not giving them the effect they want, so they take more drugs. They don't think about waiting for the drugs to take effect first, so they take too many pills or give themselves an overdose just to feel better.

Heather Locklear may seem to be successful on the outside. If she is using it to cover up problems with self esteem, she may have a hard time avoiding drugs in the future. She has been in a rehab treatment program, and she might end up in another one in the near future.

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