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How Can I Stop Smoking Cigarettes Is The Right Question
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As many of you, I use a specific method to solve problems.

I ask questions. So, when I came to the realization that I absolutely needed to stop smoking, I began asking myself questions. Since I had tried to stop smoking on numerous occasions over the previous few years, and failed, the first question that came into my head was, "Why can't I stop smoking?" I also asked, "What can I do to reduce the negative effects that cigarettes are having on my body?"

Can you see the fallacy of asking these two questions?

I didn't, until much later. I could scarcely believe that asking these two questions naturally assumed that I was not, in fact, going to stop smoking. That is why I had such a hard time quitting. The correct answer is, and was from the beginning although I didn't ask it, "How can I stop smoking cigarettes?".

Think about it. Asking this simple question opens up a vast storehouse of information out there. The question assumes that you are, indeed, going to stop smoking and that it's just a matter of how you are going to accomplish your goal. It is no longer a question of IF you are going to stop smoking, but HOW. Quitting smoking is a given, not an option.

So, if the first question is, "How can I stop smoking cigarettes?" then the second question must be, "What is the answer to the first question?". This is a more difficult question to answer.

A smoking addiction involves much much more than just a chemical addiction.

The human mind is a vast complex organ and we are sometimes held prisoner by it. I have read that nicotine is completely cleared from your system within seventy-two hours of your last intake. However, byproducts of nicotine can be found in your body up to a month after your last intake of the drug. So, it makes sense to assume that if you can stop smoking cigarettes for a month, you will never have the urge to smoke again. Not necessarily so. I know people who have not had a cigarette, or any other form of nicotine intake, for years, and are still battling the urge to smoke. Why? Because smoking is much more than a nicotine addiction. It is a ritual. When you finally ask yourself the question, "How can I stop smoking cigarettes?" you will begin researching various methods that people have used to quit the nasty habit,. And you will, I am positive, find many many varied systems, products, and programs to help you kick the habit. The reason for this is that we are all different. What one person find success with, another will miserably fail with. However, I want you to take solace in one immutable fact. There IS a method, or a plan, or a system, or even just some well targeted information out there that will work for you! Yes, for you. Never for get that.

Your job now is this.

Ask yourself the question, How can I stop smoking cigarettes?" and begin your research. You will find a way that will work for you, guaranteed.

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