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How To Stop Smoking Cigarettes
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How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Hey ya’ll, my name is Zack and I was in your very position once upon a time. I continuously looked at my pack of cigarettes and thought, “I want to quit, no I need to quit, but at this rate when will I quit”. Well check it out. I found the perfect way to quit without having to go cold turkey and puke for 4 days to do so. Two words, ELECTRONIC CIGARRETTES!

Now I know you have seen them around. You can go into any gas station and they are right there. E- Cigs are everywhere but I find that not many people think about using them to stop smoking. It is more of a social coolness type deal. Listen up! I smoked a pack and a half of Marlboro Reds a day. Yup, cowboy killers, and I am telling you that if it worked for me, it will work for you.

Now I do not have a crystal ball here so I am just going to assume that you have never smoked an electronic cigarette before in your life. An electronic cigarette, or E-cig for short, consists of two parts, the battery and the cartridge. The cartridge is where the nicotine is held in a liquid form. Essentially, the main reason why it is liquid is because the nicotine is turned into a vapor, which then travels into your lungs and is directly accepted into your bloodstream as pure nicotine.

Why is this better then smoking actual cigarettes you say? Think about how much tar alone you ingest by smoking regular cigarettes. The thought should disgust you if you value your life, or your spouse’s opinion about your teeth and breath The fact is E Cigs don’t have one trace of tar in the vapor. It is as clean as it gets.

Following that statement I must add that Electronic Cigarettes do not have any additional additives in them. We all know about the raunchy stuff cigarette companies put into their product. One of those being cyanide! So many other chemicals are used in regular cigarettes to keep you dependent and craving the next fix. E Cigs are completely free of such additives as I mentioned before, PURE NICOTINE! And it won’t stain your teeth. You’re welcome to your GF/BF…

Ok, so I have to address this point because it’s kind of a big one, cigarettes are the leading cause of cancer and emphysema. Yes its reality and proven statistics. Electronic cigarettes are the answer to this. There is absolutely no harmful smoke and therefor no way for the vapor to affect your lungs negatively. Too good to be true right? This is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. I am sure you have been, or no somebody who has been affected by cigarette related health issues. I have lost both my grandmothers to cigarettes, so trust when I say that this subject is aimed straight at my heart. I am telling you that if you do not believe me then research it!

So now that we have the drama cleared up, let’s talk about how. How do you stop smoking nasty tar and ammonia filled cigarettes, and become the new you? Its way simpler then you think. If you have that desire to quit smoking then you are already half way there. The next half is even easier. Pick an electronic cigarette out; buy it, and stop buying or smoking regular cigarettes.

Please please please guys, do not start smoking the E cig until you are ready and completely sure that you want to stop smoking. I find that it is easier if you start fresh out the bed. Let that nasty stuff from the regular cigs clear out of your body while you sleep, and when you wake up, replace your morning puff with a vaporized drag. Don’t worry about the rest. The E cig will handle it for you. Put it this way, most of the electronic cigarettes are much higher in nicotine then regular ones. You will be just fine;)

So a basic lineout of what we discussed. Electronic cigarettes will help you stop smoking cigarettes. Why is it better for you? No additives, tar, or smoke. It does not cause diseases like regular cigarettes do. Oh and did I mention that you can smoke it inside to. The vapor is odorless. Also, how much you think your spending on regular cigarettes? E cigs are usually around 50 bucks and cartridges are like 10 bucks for 5. Each cartridge is like 2 packs of regular harmful cigarettes. You do the math. So you can stop hurting yourself, you don’t have to sacrifice the habit of smoking, and you will save money. Bam!

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