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New York Times Story On Addiction - Article Or Advertisement?
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The New York Times recently published an article called "Rethinking Addiction's Roots, and Its Treatment". The idea is that addictions such as alcoholism are related to physical rather than mental conditions. Formerly, we used to think that alcoholism was best treated by using talk therapy and willpower. However, they are now realizing that it is a physical disease. At the same time, while making this assertion the world-renowned newspaper makes it very clear that the best approach for treatment is one that is similar to diabetes. That is, alcoholism and addiction require an ongoing treatment involving drugs and therapy by medical professionals.

Where once alcoholics were sent to AA, they are now they're being directed to take prescription medication as a solution. This article is nothing more than an advertisement for the pharmaceutical industry and the large medical treatment centers. The basic assumption is that every kind of disease can only be treated with a drug. This is simply not the case.

The actual truth about alcoholism is that it is a metabolic disorder that affects a person's biochemistry. It is in fact a physical condition, but not the type that the doctors and drug companies want you to think. It is actually very treatable using a holistic and natural approach. There's no need for medication or ongoing treatment for life. The problem with this holistic solution is that it is very simple and inexpensive. Without huge profits and a patent involved, it gets virtually no publicity.

The discovery that alcoholism is physical disorder first came about in the early 1950's. A scientist named Roger Williams at the University of Texas found that this metabolic condition could be reversed with the proper protocol. In his book, "Alcoholism: The Nutritional Approach" (University of Texas Press - 1959), he presents an economical solution for alcohol addiction.

The New York Times' story goes on to mention that medical schools are now implementing residency programs specifically designed to train doctors how to treat the physical disease of addiction. Names of the institutions and the programs are detailed giving us the impression that the medical community is on top of things. The reality is that they merely see an entrepreneurial opportunity to make more profits.

What the article it is trying to get across is that the pharmaceutical industry can now provide solutions to addiction with their drugs. It emphasizes that any type of addiction needs to be treated with prescription medications. It also mentions that psychiatry and 12-step programs can oftentimes be very inadequate at curing addictions because addictions are physical, not mental in nature. However, in the very next sentence, it states that there is absolutely a role for psychiatrists in the treatment of addiction. This is an oxymoron...

A follow-up press release to this article was published soon after the New York Times published their story. It came from the nation's largest treatment provider who did not hesitate to jump on this marketing bonanza. The company thanks the New York Times for publishing such a great story and then went on to discuss how they are on the cutting edge of using pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of addictions. The story went on to give more information about the company and a couple of handy prescription drugs that are being used in treatment. When will we learn? It never ceases to amaze me that everything always seems to go back to the money. The big advertising budgets always seem to win and the little guy always seems to suffer.

The truth is that people suffering from addiction, especially alcoholism, can overcome it with a very inexpensive and natural cure. If you do some research you'll find that the primary cause of the physical, metabolic disorder known as alcoholism have been known for over 50 years. Just look for nutritional cures for alcoholism and you will get loads of information backed by scientific evidence. It's too bad so few of us know about this. And, what a tragedy that so many people are being told that pharmaceutical drugs are the answer. At the end of the day, these drugs only serve to mask the symptoms. They do nothing to address and reverse the problem.

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