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Quit Cigarette Smoking For Good
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Quit Cigarette Smoking For Good

Cigarettes, as we all know is a killer habit, it is a legal addiction to harmful substances that can affect the human brain, immune system, and major functioning organs of the body.

Being vocal about the dangers of smoking cigarette doesn’t stop smokers from doing it. It is mandatory to all cigarette manufacturers to warn the public by labeling every single pack of cigarettes with “GOVERNMENT WARNING: CIGARETTE SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH”, but it seems that the impact of that warning was clearly ignored, the numbers of smokers keeps rising everyday and the public warning has been raised to the highest level of danger smoking is capable of “GOVERNMENT WARNING: SMOKING KILLS”.

Finally, it does ring a bell, Some smokers gets to realize that it is time to pay attention to their health and start the process to end being hooked up to smoking.

But, it does not end there, majority of the smokers still enjoy the pleasure of smoking, why? Pleasure feeling, relaxing and completeness are the most common reasons smokers tell and most likely it is the truth.

Smoking is an addiction, and it is legal. Easy to acquire, smokers don’t get arrested when buying cigarette from a sidewalk vendor or from a supermarket and what makes it popularly irresistible aside from availability is affordability. Considering that cigarette hazardous substance content is very small compared to illegal drugs, it is the uncontrollable consumption that makes it fatal, gradually deteriorates the health and eventually will damage the brain.

Quitting is definitely composed of determination, willingness to make sacrifices, self-discipline and a lot of power to convince yourself and the reasons to confirm the need for quitting. In some cases this is why smokers don’t try to quit, afraid that they will not survive the major changes and withdrawal syndrome and the after effect of quitting, others are just because they don’t know how and where to start and where they will land in the end.

It is hard to leave what you have enjoy doing for almost half of your life. It is not advisable to take advantage of yourself by forcing to quit smoking instantly . Smoking habit will successfully stop by gradual process. One step at a time is the most effective plan to get rid of habitual smoking.

You should be in complete battle suit to fight smoking because you will be battling for your self-redemption and your opponent is your own self and it will be confusing if you don’t focus and concentrate.con

Be ready for the withdrawal syndrome, you will feel at lost, incomplete, irritable, and sensitive, sudden change in moods will also be experienced during the process. Live with it momentarily, everything will be back to normal once you overcome every steps you have to take and successfully finish the process of quitting smoking habits.

Accept all the consequences that may cross your path during the process and properly addressing the problems along the way will keep you moving on to your goal. Have faith in yourself, be positive to what you can do and focus straight to your goals that will lead you to good life

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