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Recovering From Prescription Drug Addiction Using A 12 Step Perspective
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Recovering From Prescription Drug Addiction Using A 12 Step Perspective

Many people need help for prescription drug addiction. This can be from various opiate drugs one that I am well aware of is that many folks are abusing the prescription medication percocet which is highly addictive so with this being said, if you think you may have a percocet addiction or an opiate drug problem of any kind then you might need drug treatment. Making the decision to go to rehab is not an easy one and if you are struggling to get clean and sober then you might need to surrender to the idea that you cannot do it on your own and that you need to ask for some help. Going to rehab is asking for help. Being willing to go to treatment is asking for help.

What does it take for a drug addict to get clean and to stay clean? It takes a huge effort or in other words a monumental effort. It takes hard work, sustained over a long period of time. It takes dedication and a desire to have a better life. It takes complete change, in every area of our lives. We have to change so many things in order for it to work. We have to change everything, really.

In order to have a chance at making these changes in our lives, we need help. We can get that help by going to drug treatment. If you do not go to treatment, then you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to making these huge life changes. If you do go to rehab, then you will have more of an opportunity to get started on the sort of new habits that you will need to have in order to make it in recovery.

For example, some people stay clean and sober by attending meetings. If you go to treatment, they will likely introduce you to these meetings and then you can follow up with them when you leave. 12 step meetings can help you in recovery but they are not the total solution. Some people make them into their whole solution and they ultimately end up relapsing.

The idea here is that you need more in order to recovery from percocet addiction and the "more" is personal growth. You have to push yourself to grow in meaningful ways in order to go beyond the surface level recovery that you typically see in many meetings.

OK let’s take a look from a 12 step perspective, the people who are talking about the steps and studying the recovery literature every day are the ones who are serious about recovery and are serious about making real life changes. These are the people that will not have to worry to much about have to go through percocet withdrawal again. We don't stay clean and sober by showing up every day and whining about our problems the ones. It takes more than that, regardless of what kind of program of recovery you are working.

Good luck

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