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Subtance Abuse Treament For An Addicted Spouse
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Subtance Abuse Treament for An Addicted Spouse

Addicts who are trying desperately to get clean and sober might want to check out drug treatment near to there home. Some people have different opinions and perceptions about drug treatment and what it can do for them and what it cannot do so I though I would just clear some of those up here.

Drug treatment and getting help to overcome addiction is not done through osmosis; furthermore, there is no real secret to success with recovery and a lot of people think that going to the right rehab center will somehow cure an addict. In fact the only real "secret" to success in recovery is to work like a dog and put in a tremendous amount of effort in staying clean every day. Regardless of what program you choose to follow in recovery you are going to have to put in a lot of footwork in order to get the long term benefits of recovery.

Drug treatment is not as expensive as you think - Now the actual dollar amount for going to drug rehab can actually be very high, and in some cases people cannot imagine how they could ever afford it. If you do not have insurance or Medicaid or anything, then you will have to pay cash for rehab and it might total several thousand dollars. Now this sounds very expensive but in fact it is dirt cheap considering what you are getting. For example, I went to treatment almost 9 years ago and since then I have probably saved over a hundred thousand dollars as a result of that decision.

If you do go to rehab they might have you do an exercise where you total up everything that your addiction has cost you and put a monetary value on all of it, and in most cases people have spent somewhere between $100,000 and a million dollars or so on their addiction through the years. If you think rehab is expensive, just try not going and continuing to use drugs for the next 10 years or so.

Drug treatment is not a solution it is merely a starting point for a very long journey for some people see rehab as a destination, and the ending point of their addiction. They frame it incorrectly in their minds as being more of a "cure" than a starting point. It could very well be a good start for an addicted spouse.

In fact, if you go to substance abuse treatment for a few weeks and manage to stay sober, you will one day look back on your journey and realize that the stay in rehab was almost inconsequential. There is so much growth and learning that has to occur AFTER you leave rehab that it is almost mind boggling.

Good luck

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