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The Best Way To Quit Smoking
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Just how many ways are there to quit smoking?

One popular method is the NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) approach, where you get your nicotine from an alternate supply, such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine nasal spray, nicotine lozenges or a nicotine inhaler.

These products ease the withdrawal symptoms by giving you a healthier nicotine supply that doesn't involve smoking. You use them while you go Cold Turkey or use the Nicotine Fading method.

But I believe there is a better way. to quit smoking

Cold Turkey is when you stop totally, right there and then, by using your will-power and determinaton. This is the best way to quit smoking for some, but it only works for certain types of people. There are many positives, zero-cost, no drugs, an increase in your confidence if you suceed, but has a very low success rate.

I believe there is a better way. to quit smoking.

With the Nicotine Fading method, the smoker changes to a lower tar cigarette and over a period of a couple of weeks, gradually decreases the number of cigarettes they smoke each day until they hit zero.

This method is also inexpensive, is drug-free and lessens the withdrawal symtoms and suits many people who cannot go Cold Turkey.

But it's easy to lose count of the cigarettes you've had and wind up smoking more, or you try to get every last drag out of each smoke and this increases your body's carbon monoxide levels, and many people slide off the wagon.

I believe there is a better way. to quit smoking.

There are a bunch of Prescription Drugs on the market designed to help you quit smoking, either by reducing the desire to smoke or by making smoking unpleasant.

I don't recommend presciption drugs for anything if there is a realistic alternative, but they can be a help to some people if used with other methods such as Nicotine Fading and perhaps counselling as well. Of course you will need to see your doctor and get their advice first before you can get the drugs.

I believe there is a better way. to quit smoking.

There are many Self-Help Books on this subject, and if you are the type of person that takes action after reading books like these, then they can be a big help. But most, and I mean 90-something percent of people, take no action.

I believe there is a better way. to quit smoking.

Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese therapy that involves jabbing needles in you.

I exaggerate. I have had acupuncture performed (if that's the right word) on me 3 or 4 times and it's not painful, it's very safe and drug-free.The key is finding an expert practioner who uses clean, or new, needles.

This 'finding' bit is often done by a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Acupuncture does work for a lot of people, although test results vary wildly, and it's often a bit expensive.

I believe that this is the best way. to quit smoking.

That way is Hypnotherapy. If you get images of swinging clocks or swirly designs going round and round when you hear about hynotism, put thoses images somewhere else because the reality is not like that.

Or worse still, you fear that the hypnotist will force you to crawl around barking like a dog, or performing some other humiliating act, like in some cheap vaudeville show, forget that too. You are awake and aware through the whole experience, and can bring yourself out of trance at any time.

The hypnotist shows you how to totally relax your body, and then your mind, until you go into trance. In this state the mind is very open to suggestion and the trained practitioner 'suggests' that the mind reprogramme itself to dislike smoking and prefer other, healthier alternatives.

He can also suggest to the mind that you don't feel withdrawal symptoms, or use food as a cigarette substitute.

If the word trance fills you with suspicion and scepticism, comfort yourself in the knowledge that we put ourselves into trance several times a day. Reading a good book or story, watching a good film, listening to a compelling speaker. These are all times when we go into trance. Daydreaming is trance.

Hypnotherapy has no side-effects, it's drug-free, and it tackles the problem at it's source - the subconscious mind. Usually one session is enough, so although it's not free, it's not as expensive as acupuncture or drugs.

Similar to acupuncture, you need to find a good, experienced hypnotherapist that you trust. Recommendation is often the best way. If you don't know anyone who has personal experience, try local non-smoking groups or forums. People like to boast about their good health practitioners and slate the bad ones.

Also like with acupuncture, results of scientific studies vary wildly, but the number of people trying hypnotherapy, or interested in it, is increasing rapidly. Many of these people are reporting success.

A few years ago, my 2 sisters-in-law decided to give hypnothereapy a try. They were both more-than-a-pack-a-day smokers and they went in heavily armed with cynicism. In the car on the way there, they joked about where they were going to have a coffee and cigarette after the session.

Well, after the session they went for the coffee, but no cigarette. They had absolutely no desire to smoke. In fact a complete aversion to the idea of having a cigarette.

And now, about 4 or 5 years later? Neither of them has had a cigarette. Not one.

Not exactly scientific proof, I agree, but one example of how immediately effective hypnotherapy can be.

But whichever method you choose, and not every method is suitable for every person, I wish you the best of luck. It's a brave thing you are doing.

McGarrett -

Plan your work and work your plan

Street Talk

Thank you so much for the ideas. My husband, Bob, is trying to quit smoking. I will share that with him.

  about 1 decade ago
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