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Ways To Quit Smoking
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Let me count the ways to quit smoking. Sounds like a line from Shakespeare, yet here you are researching it on the internet. No doubt you have tried to quit on your own. Yeah! The cold turkey method! I’ll just smoke one less each day until I’m not smoking any more. I’ll roll my own. I’ll take one puff every hour and cut down to nothing, pretty soon I’ll just quit. I’ll just throw them away and not ever smoke again. Oddly enough the last method is probably the only one that would work. if your will power is strong enough, and your friends and family like fighting with you, or you become that person you always hated , “ bumming mooching leach”,. Well maybe not that bad but you get the picture. Seriously quitting smoking is never a snap, yet there are many ways to ease through the transition.

If you haven’t already picked up on it, I was an avid smoker at one time. Back when cold turkey was the method of choice. I’ve many unsavory experiences and two years of trying before success. Until on one fateful day, after nearly three months of abstinence, I finally quit. I’d just gotten out of the Navy, and was home for the first time in three years. My friends and neighbors took me to the local bar to celebrate. Yep! After I had a couple drinks, I bummed a smoke from a friend. Then another, and don’t really know how many, maybe 10 before the night was over. How, you may ask, was this quitting? Well it’s more commonly known as smoke inhalation, and I was seriously sick for three days, plus a little hung over the first day. The end result was, the smell of cigarettes’ made me ill for nearly a year. Walla cured! What? Don’t think this is the method for you, me neither.

I envy those who can access and leverage these new ways to quit smoking. I highly recommend, and encourage it. Because, in spite of my unorthodox cure, it was one of the best things I ever did for myself, and those around me.

My point is, in order to truly quit smoking you must remove the urge, or success will never happen. Some smokers quit for years and start up again. Other sea saw back and forth for years; sometimes clean for months only to fall back into the habit. Pitiful isn’t it. I’m not judging, because I’ve been there. The frustrations can compound with your loss of self-esteem. You must break the cycle permanently.

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