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What Is An Electric Cigarette?
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As the name implies, this is basically just an artificial cigarette that runs on electricity. At the time of this writing there is a lot of controversy surrounding these handy little devices and I will address this in a little more detail later. To answer the question, "What is an electric cigarette?" we will first discuss a little history.

I remember years ago, probably twenty-five or so, that I bought an artificial cigarette. It was just a plastic tube, colored to look somewhat like a cigarette, that had some cotton or something inside which was saturated with some kind of flavorful liquid which was supposed to give the satisfaction of the real thing. It failed miserably. However, I wanted to believe that it could replace cigarettes so badly that I walked around sucking on this thing for a couple of days. Finally, I admitted that it wasn't doing anything for me and I put it where it belonged from the beginning.

Fast forward to about two years ago. I had tried, unsuccessfully, to stop smoking through sheer willpower on numerous occasions. One night I was talking with my son on the phone, and he asked me if I was still smoking cigarettes. This prompted me to fill him in on my latest attempt, and failure, to quit. He said that I ought to try an electric cigarette. Huh? What is an electric cigarette?

It turns out that these things had been on the market for awhile and were gaining in popularity amongst the smokers of the world. My son told me that he was using one and he really liked it. He then told me he'd send one to me as a gift to see how I liked it. I couldn't wait.

When I received it, I discovered that it was quite different from the dismal little plastic tube that I had tried so many years ago. I consisted of a battery, something called an atomizer, and a mouthpiece. Liquid nicotine juice is loaded into the atomizer, the battery energizes the atomizer which, in turn, turns the nicotine juice into a vapor which is inhaled by the smoker. To my surprise, I loved it.

The controversy surrounding these devices concerns the Feds not really knowing how to classify them. Are they a tobacco product? Do they help smokers quit? It seems as if even the Feds can't answer the question, "What is an electric cigarette?". Until this is all sorted out, we are not allowed to make any fanciful claims about the electric cigarettes. All I can do is tell you some general things about them, and how I use them.

It's a lot cheaper than smoking cigarettes which is a big plus for me. Also, I don't walk around smelling like my socks are on fire. The people around me who don't smoke appreciate that. But what I like most is this. There is no smoke, because there is nothing burning. There is a vapor that is exhaled when I use it, but it doesn't stink. Yes, this means that I don't have to go out in the rain, or the heat of the day, to get a smoke. I can use my electric cigarette in the house! If family members didn't actually see me using it, they would never know.

What is an electric cigarette? Just the greatest thing since sliced bread, that's what. At least, that is my humble opinion.

If you are a smoker and want an alternative you owe it to yourself to investigate this. Ask yourself the question, what is an electric cigarette and then find out. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

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