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Bringing Your Child Home
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Bringing Your Child Home

Whether your child is adopted locally or from a foreign country, the probability that your child will have special needs or unforseen problems is quite high. Some estimates are that your child will have 80% chance of some type of problem. Children from foreign orphanages have about a ten percent chance of having autistic behaviors without actually being autistic. Some things that need to be done to prepare before bringing your child home follow below.

After bringing your child home, resist the urge to, "give" your child anything and everything the child wants. This sets up a very bad presidence and it will be regretted for years to come. The child had nothing to begin with and when parents give the child everything they want or overindulge in order to make up for lost time, or even because they are thankful the child finally came home, the child often will attach to objects and see people as objects.

After bringing your child home, give your child the necessities and keep noises and other external sounds to a minimum. No TV, no video games, no anything except a quiet and calm environment. If you need sound around, use calming no voice music. Classical type music will suit the purpose if it is calming and not stimulating.

Language can be a challenge. After bringing your child home, resist the urge to quickly drown the newly adopted child in your language. As much as possible, use hand signals and words in their native tongue. Sometimes these orphaned children have their own language with each other because they were not interacted with enough by adults. Research has shown that when we instantly immerse foreign adopted children to our language, that whatever autistic behavior patterns they already may have will be made much worse.

Institutional or quasi autistic behavior is a learned behavior that children from foreign institutions/orphanages engage in. This behavior is often marked by self stimulation, head banging, twirling in circles, hyper acute sense of hearing and smell, attraction to noises and lights, inability to adjust to changes in routine, and intense temper tantrums for unknown reasons. The child from an institution has often had severe abuse and trauma in their lives. Couple this with intense deprivation of attention and sometimes food, and you have the making of a child with autistic symptoms.

As an example, my son has been diagnosed with quasi autistic behavior and he has all of the above symptoms. Eight years later and we are still rehabilitating my son. The adoption agency will tell you that your child is normal. They only know what the orphanage or institution tells them.

When bringing your child home, consider taking clothes that are smaller than normal for the age of your child. Unless you are lucky and receive this information from the adoption agency, these kids are often small for their age. As an example, my son was turning three years old and 12 month infant clothing was about right, he was 18 pounds. Hard to imagine by American standards. My daughter was turning four (now we know it was six) and she was comfortably in 2T clothing.

Have your child examined by a pediatrician within the first week of bringing your child home and sooner if your child is ill. Have a dental exam also and have the dentist take x-rays for dental aging. Many children coming from foreign countries, especially the African and Carribean countries have been given birthdates based on what the child looks like or what the orphanage wants you to believe. Often their ages are incorrect. As an example, my son was dentally aged at six months older than his stated age. My daughter was not dentally aged because the orphanage director supposedly knew her biomom. Well, eight years later and her twelve year molars are in at ten years old. She is two years older than her stated age.

If your child looks like their is an umbilical hernia present, you are pretty certain that your child has suffered long term malnutrition. The malnutrition prevents the umbilical ring from closing, creating the hernia. Assume that your child has parasites (worms). Many countries do not have the treated water that we have. Wash your hands very well after handling your child and before you prepare food.

For the trip when bringing your child home, consider having light sedation available. Always check with the pediatrician you will be using first. Have ample animal crackers handy. Your plane trip home is likely to be terrible. Crackers occupy the child and are bland with little sugar. The stewardesses will love you for it.

For ear pain on the plane, plan to give your child food or water. Don't even try the ear plugs at the store, the new child will just pull them out and scream anyway. If your child doesn't have a command of your language, the easiest thing to do is feed them because they won't understand when you tell them to swallow or yawn.

Going through Customs is a trial in itself. Be ready to wait for an hour or more because incoming orphans and their new parents have to go to a special room to have all of the paperwork examined. The room may be hot and full of smells.

Airport scanners now have people designated for the handicapped. Go to one of these people with your passports in hand and explain the new adoption and that your children are a, "Flight Risk". They know this means your child will tend to run and can put you in a separate line. This way you will not be rushed and fearful of a fleeing child while bringing your child home.

These tips may help make the trip of bringing your child home a safe one.

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