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5 Great Reasons To Go On A Banger Rally
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A Banger Rally is a lot of fun. Take yourself and three mates. Buy a car for less than £300 and decorate it in a crazy theme so it stands out from the crowd. Then join an organised Road Trip of over 1000 miles that takes several days to complete. And pray your banger makes it to the finish line! Oh and along the way eat, drink and be merry as you make new friends on your journey!

If that has whetted your appetite then here are 5 other reasons joining a Banger Rally is a worthwhile event to take part in.

1. Raise money for charity

Many people who enter a Banger Rally do so in order to make it a money raising event. It is possibly the only activity where you can take a holiday and turn it into a charity event. The majority of teams in a Banger Rally will be raising money for charity and most rallies allow you to raise money for who you want to raise money for.

2. An Alternative Holiday

Lying on a beach or trailing around cities aren't the type of holidays everyone enjoys. Some people, believe it or not, actually like the drive to the airport more than the holiday itself! A Banger Rally caters for people who love to drive. Add into the mix the chance to meet new people and share a few beers as you chat about the adventures you've had during the day, then you have a unique kind of holiday.

3. Time out with friends and family

A Banger Rally really is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with friends that you perhaps haven't spent enough time with recently. And the light hearted nature of a rally means that it is a relaxing environment, apart from when you're lost of course, to have a genuine laugh and let your hair down. The crazy pimped up cars, daily challenges and optional fancy dress really add to the fun too.

4. Be part of a unique community

There really is nothing like a banger rally. Where else would you get a couple of hundred people travelling across the UK or Europe, sometimes in convoy, just for the hell of it? Rallies are usually very friendly affairs. Everyone compares their cars and stories at the end of each day. Of course the finish line is usually a bar and so it's excellent to grab a few drinks to wind down after a fun day driving through some of the best roads in Europe.

5. Win a cash prize

Obviously entering a banger rally costs a little bit of money. However it is not loads of money, especially when you split costs up to four or five ways.

However most rallies have a few cash prizes to give away at the end of the tour. If you are good enough, or lucky enough, to win the rally by scoring the most points in your daily challenges, then your trip will probably have been for free.

Prize funds vary from rally to rally but the first couple of cash prizes will at least cover your costs of taking part.

There may even be a few pounds left for a beer or two with your new friends you've met along the way!

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Never heard of a Banger Rally before Sound like fun and it for a good cause to ijs. Gary

  about 1 decade ago
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