My First Treasure Hunt (geocacheing)
Have you ever Geocached before? Not sure if that is what you call it but because I am a newbie that is the name I will…
Surfing In Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
The Islands of Mentawai in Indonesia is one of the most beautiful surfing destination in the world. Located in the…
Take a break!!
Most people consider vacations to be a laxity enjoy baby the rich or those who actually have time to go on a break,…
Adventure In A Cemetery
You have read the title and now you are thinking he must be crazy. Why would anyone want to take a stroll through an…
Online Services We Used to Help Us Travel Around
Why do we travel? To relax or to discover something new, see beautiful places? I think there are many reasons for traveling.…
Top Reasons To Try Borneo Travel
There are so many beautiful destinations in the world, and everyone who loves traveling want to see as much of it as…
Adventure Travel Articles (476)
Makalu Trek With Sherpani Col
Trip Highlights: World's 5th highest mountain, serene wilderness, magnificent panorama of the eastern high chain of mountains, dense Rhododendrons & pines forest, isolated areas, high scenic passes and warm friendly locals, traditional villages, in the furthest mid east of the highest Himalayan range. Introduction: A magnificent adventure with Nepal Guide…
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Historic Travel Destinations for Celebrating United State Independence
Americans celebrate the United States Independence Day yearly on the Fourth of July. Many people are happy to sit back, drink beer, eat barbecued burgers, fried chicken, apple pie and watch the fireworks. But if you want to go back to the heart of the independence movement, go east and…
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7 Days Masai Mara Lake Nakuru And Amboseli Lodge Safari - Kenya Safari Bookings
Day 1: NAIROBI – MASAI MARA Upon arrival you will be received by our driver /guide and head for Masai Mara game reserve. You have a brief stop at the Rift Valley viewpoint to take photos of the escarpment before driving on to Masai Mara. Arrive for lunch then proceed…
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Israel is best place safe for Tourists
It does not take a rocket someone to work out that Israel is found smack dab within the middle of 1 of the world's biggest political hotspots. However it will take many to stay this little country on the Japanese Mediterranean safe and secure, which appears to be why Israel…
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Luggage Surviving there And Back
Function, style, and durability; these are the most common criteria we normally use in order to purchase clothing and luggage we take with us on a trip. At what point does fashion become more important then getting the job done? Surviving the torture tests? Most of us have seen those…
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Cheap British Columbia Holidays Packages
Do you wish to enjoy holiday in an energizing destination? then you're at right place It is safe to say that you are looking forward for a little gathering travel master that can meet your particular requests and can permit you bother free go to an amazing destination over the…
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Lhasa - Kathmandu Over Land Tour With Treks
This overland tour is designed for those who prefer to soak in the sights by driving around. This tour gives you an opportunity to discover the real Tibet. From the bustling old cities to the ancient villages and settlements, you get to observe Tibetan lifestyle at close quarters. This overland…
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Rancho Culture In Argentina
Whereas Spanish colonization had occurred in the 16-17th centuries, there one may find numerous rancho housings. Especially, it is referred to South America, including Argentinean lands. However, in this country these farms and houses go under name of gaucho estancias, which got popular once again in 1940-1970s, after World War…
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Tours Of Croatia
Want to spend a dream holiday and create memories from fairy tale? In that case start to think about accommodation in Croatian villas and tours of Croatia. Croatia definitely need to be on your "wish list" and become a place you need to see. Because of it's beautiful continental parts…
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Which Bike Should You Get?
If you are about to purchase a bike, you will most certainly want to have a hard think about your preferences before you part with what can be a large sum of money. Firstly, establish what you want your bike for, whether this is to get to work, to do…
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How to Make Your Vacation to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia A Memorable One !
Howdy ! Read on .....if you are planning a vacation to sunny Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, my home ......and if you're not, give me a minute to convince you why you should make Malaysia your next travel destination in the Far East. First of all is sunny all year…
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Jaipur Tourist Attractions And Top Five Places to Visit In Jaipur
The pink city of India; Jaipur is well - known by this name. It shows the direction towards traditional other destination in India like the Desert City, Rajasthan (Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur). The city was planned or designed according to the vast Shastra by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya long ago. Jaipur city in…
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Explore The Oceans With Sipadan Diving Centre
Do you want to know more about Sipadan Diving Centre? Those who love to explore the world and the different things it has to offer know that there is a vast world beyond what we see. Sometimes it exists in the form of the caves that take us through their…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Adventure Travel   Apr 23, 2015  
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Everest Base Camp Trek
Trip Highlights: World’s highest mountains, rich Buddhist culture and religions, friendly natives, traditional Sherpa villages, in the close range of world’s highest peaks, panoramic scenery, scenic flight. Introduction: Everest Base Camp & Kallapatthar Trekking with Nepal Guide Treks & Expeditions starts with a scenic short flight to Lukla the gateway…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Adventure Travel   Nov 21, 2014  
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Travelling To Nepal After The Earthquake
The key thing to note is that infrastructure for tourists was remarkably unaffected by the disaster. Airports are operating as normal and almost all of Kathmandu's tourist hotels and restaurants remain open, or will reopen for the winter tourist season, though business is currently slim. Kathmandu's traveller district of Thamel…
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Da Lat - An Interesting Honeymoon Place Not Skip In Vietnam
Hi, everybody. I’m Vickey Smith. I’m from France. I came to Dalat to enjoy my honeymoon with my husbands last year. My impression is rather excited and do not regret for coming there. According to me, when choosing Vietnam is place to book ticket and enjoy the honeymoon, I conference…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Adventure Travel   May 13, 2015  
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Go To Tanzania for An Amazing African Safari
An African safari in the the amazing Ngorongoro crater floor is simply amazing. The Ngorongoro crater floor has the largest concentration of predators on earth and about 22,000 grazing animals. It is an amazing landscape for an unforgettable African safari. One experiences multiple climate and landscape changes from the cool…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Adventure Travel   Jun 11, 2012  
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Other Adventures In Nepal - Treks
Nepal is generally pictured by the tourists as a trekking paradise. And that’s so very true! The astounding tall mountains, verdant fields, interesting hamlets in the far flung rural outskirts, the treacherous yet absolutely picturesque trails and incredibly amiable people indeed make this blessed Himalayan terra firma, a favored trekking…
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Stay In A Royal Villa And Make Your Holiday Remarkable In Dubai
Dubai city is one kind of city that has endless attractions along with glittering architectural mansions, sandy beaches, magnificent shopping malls and luxurious hotels. Every year millions of travelers from all across the globe visit this city to spend a good holiday in Dubai. Whenever you are planning to visit…
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Shanghai Theme Tours In Spring Season
After the cherished seven-day-holiday off, I really don’t want to work again. But it is also true that I miss you so much. I have shared so many exquisite pictures about China’s lifestyles, traditions and customs with you. Now I will continue to share the instant weather information, hotel price…
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Nepal Trekking - The Most Daunting Mountain Passes
When people talk about trekking in Nepal, there's one question that’s probably going to come at you, time at again; how high did you go? That's more than just bravado – given Nepal's tortuous topography, conquering the intimidating altitudes in definitely not an everyday’s cup of tea. Trails in Nepal…
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Hawaii In the Winter
If you are thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii, you may be wondering the best time of year to visit Hawaii. Well, anytime really. Hawaii really doesn't have an off season. The winter months of January and February seem to be the rainiest, but it's not the same kind…
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Pitching A Camping Tent
Tips and Tricks for Pitching a Camping Tent First thing’s first. There is no better way to rough it than to sleep like the wildlife. No matter what your upcoming outdoor adventure may be, to avoid waking up mud and bug- ridden, you should be able to create a cozy…
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Explore the Delhi Tourist Attractions In Your Next Holiday
Delhi Capital City of our Country India, which is famous for its Historical Buildings, Markets, Food, Educational Institutes and many more. It is a metropolitan city with the vast variety of Culture, People from different religion staying at one place which is our Delhi. If you are Indian, you should…
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Tsum Valley Trek
The Tsum Valley, often aliased as the "hidden valley", is situated in northern part of Nepal’s Gorkha district. Tsum is derived from the Tibetan word "Tsombo", which means “clear”. Boisterously poised against the captivating mountainous backdrop of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Boudha Himal, this tranquil Himalayan valley is…
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Where To Conquer Your Fear Of The Dark In Peru?
The idea of going to South America no doubts evokes various feelings – danger, curiosity, tremor, concern, excitement and many-many others, standing for a reason whether go to or not. As for me, the choice is obvious: new lands – new impressions – new ideas, etc. Allegedly, we, people, travel…
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8 Quirky Experiences You Didn't Know Existed Around Mumbai
She jostles you around and exhausts you with her energy. Shes vibrant and demanding, giving up is not her style- Mumbai is much more than a city. It is a lifestyle. Living in Mumbai is like a full time job by itself. The traffic, heat and crowds notwithstanding, Mumbai is…
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Places To Visit In Dehradun
The Serene Doon Valley In the northern part of India lies a picturesque city called Dehradun with it's enchanting environs and salubrious weather the city is an epitome of beauty. It is idyllically located in the Garhwal region which is bestowed with natural abundance. The city is located 236 kilometers…
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Lipizzaner Horses And Their Show – A Father's Day Outing
Being stuck in Pretoria, in winter is not really the place of choice, yet we're here for business and must endure the cold of the high-veld. Now if you where to travel to South Africa in the winter and found yourself looking for adventure on a Sunday, there is plenty…
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Natural Life Safari Tour is All About
Viewing an African lion in the flushing glades of Maasai Mara is a life-changing knowledge, and this is the thing that a Kenya Safari Tour guarantees to be. A long way from the infuriating hordes of the city to the spot where nature has its own particular time and course,…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Adventure Travel   Mar 24, 2016  
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Travelling through train is of-course a time consuming travel but has its own fun and pleasure as…
An increasing number of people are searching for their next travel destinations that are off the…
My quest continues to find and photograph the big 5 of Africa. Up next on the list is the mighty…
Ireland is one of the finest to live and work for people especially for those coming from different…
Ski vacation destinations are frequented not only by individuals who plan to learn how to ski and…
Blue water, so clear it is like glass, and your boat floats on a world of glass, suspended above…

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