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All The Ways To Use Text Message Advertising No Matter Who You Are
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Text message advertising may be more obvious to some businesses than others. If you are a restaurant you are a prime candidate for using this medium. You have free ad space at each and every table to tell your customers about your texing program and get them coming in for more frequent visits. But what if you're a dentist, or a singer? Can you really use text message advertising to your advantage? The answer is a resounding yes. Let's take a quick look at all the ways to use text message advertising, no matter who you are.

Any local business, such as a restaurant or book store, coffee shop, boutique, or convenience store: You can place flyers and table tents around your business to show your current customers how to get great text coupons. Or add a one-liner in your other advertising to outside potential customers to give them even more incentive to walk into your business. Before you know it you are attracting new customers and building repeat business with your current customers.

Event planners and party organizers: Tell your event guests to text your keyword and their name to your short code. Now you have a list of attendees that you can instantly reach with last minute changes, updates to the shedule, or great deals on merchandise.

Speakers, performers, bands, artists: Let your followers know about your text program. They sign up and now you can update them regarding shows, concerts, new releases, showings, guest appearances, anything. Now how popular are you?

Schools, Churches, and oganizations: You have 100s or even 1000s of people that you need to communicate with. How many trees do you kill with all of the flyers you have to mail out? Imagine if you told your congregation you were going green, they sign up for your text program, and you still keep in touch with all of them at the touch of a few buttons. Cut your tree usage in half and your mailing expenses too!

Professionals like plumbers and dentists: Have your customers opt-in to your list and you've got an instant way to remind them of their upcoming appointments or fill a hole in your schedule within minutes.

Your personal virtual business card: You're a business person heading to an event where you normally pass out your business card and receive dozens in return. This time you tell your interested colleagues to text their name to your short code and instantly they get a response that you created. It's your business card in text form. They have all of your information and now you have their name and number too!

You see, the ways that you can use text message advertising is really only limited by your imagination. All you need is a good text message service. And no matter who you are or what your budget is you can afford this service. Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. Find the right one and it could cost you as little as $15 a month.

If you're still nervous about how to use a texting service and run a campaign then use a service with a video classrooom that walks you through, step by step, to make sure you are successful with your text message advertising.

Now go out and get started now with the most powerful advertising medium ever invented. You and your customers are gonna love it.

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