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Are You Wasting Your Text Message Marketing Efforts?
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If you are using text message marketing, or considering it, then you have an enormous leg up on your competition. Text advertising is on the verge of exploding and the smart businesses are jumping on this platform fast. That being said, you do need to use it wisely to get the potential results that it has to offer your business. Let's discuss one important way to do that.

Many businesses do not put enough effort into advertising their text campaign offer. You need to go all out with this one to get your campaign off and running. Now, if you're a restaurant then you've got it made. You've got dozens or maybe even hundreds of free advertising spots staring your customers in the face - your tables. If you're not a restaurant you can still use table tents on any surface in your building and flyers on the doors and walls or any highly visible areas.

One of the smartest things you can do is optimize the advertising power you already have. If you have a website, put the code on your site that allows your customers to opt-in to your texting on the website. If you have a Facebook page then put a graphic on the front page that announces your texting campaign and how to sign up. If you are doing any print advertising just add one sentence; "Text DANNYS to 12345 to receive text coupons from us." If you have people checking out at a cash register then print it on your receipts, or better yet, print a small, colorful flyer to hand them with their receipt or put in their bag. Take out orders get a flyer with their delivery. And on and on. Now your expensive advertising can be working better for you and after your text message marketing takes off you may be able to drop some of those costly services.

If you haven't yet started your text message marketing then what are you waiting for? It doesn't matter how small of a business you are or how tight your budget it. If you do it yourself I guarantee you can afford it. Most texting services start with very low cost, small packages. You can even get up to 30% off your first month casmpaign with some.

If you don't have the time or inclination to do it yourself, no problem. Find a local Mobile Specialist (try to run your campaign for you. They will send out all of your texts for you and help you with advertising.

Now, get started and get your customers signed up before your competition does!

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