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How Companies Use The Power Of Advertising
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Advertising the effective way to get a message across

Everywhere you look you are surrounded by advertising; transport, buildings, shops, television, the internet and radio are paid by companies to try and get you to buy their products and part you from your hard earned cash. Large corporations will allocate huge sums of their annual budget for marketing campaigns.

Large corporations will not just advertise in the open marketplace, they will also magnify their presence by having their own website. Smaller companies use their advertising budgets in different ways, high quality furniture manufacturers will advertise in targeted magazines and areas local to their retail outlets.

Fast food chains will often do a mailbox drop, offering promotional deals, or money off coupons to get their message across. This is a very effective way for them to increase sales, and because fast food has become a part of life, busy families appreciate ways to save money.

Of course the most effective advertising is personal recommendation, businesses that carry out jobs at your home, gain more business through personal referrals, and will use testimonials from satisfied customers in any advertising material they use.

Supermarket chains use a system of sublime advertising, placing special offers in strategic places that encourage people to buy the goods. This is known as impulse buying and it is a system that has been used by supermarkets for years. However with the age of internet shopping supermarkets have to think of a different strategy to market their goods.

Advertising is a constant battle to persuade consumers to buy products, and marketing on television is one of the prime resources used. This has the effect of almost brainwashing the consumer to buy certain products, because adverts are repeated so many times during prime time TV.

Now though a new style of campaign has been devised for advertising, we are talking of course about email marketing. Everyone who has their own electronic mail account will at some stage, receive an internet marketing email, while some will be initiated by the owner of the email account through an opt in subscription. Others will be sent to the junk mail folder and are based upon the websites people visit. Email etiquette now demands that people can unsubscribe easily. This link is normally placed right at the bottom of the email.

There is another form of advertising that has not been mentioned thus far, but it is becoming increasingly popular, millions of people own cell phones and will open an SMS within minutes of receiving it. Companies are now utilizing this service to offer discounts or coupons that encourage consumers to buy.

Advertising is an effective medium and when used correctly the returns on the investment can be phenomenal.

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