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How To Advertise Your Business And Create A New Revenue Stream
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The obvious goal of every business is to attract customers in order to make a profit. The more customers you attract, the more profits. Competition is fierce and you need to find creative ways to market your business and create new revenue streams in order to keep a competitive edge. You need to maintain customer loyalty. In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save a dollar. When considering ways on how to advertise your business, are you keeping up to date with the latest and most effective methods of reaching your customers with your promotions?

How do you Currently Attract Your Customers?

Do you still use traditional print ads, signage or emails? That is so old school. These are ineffective marketing ideas because there is no way to accurately target your ideal consumer and track the results. One of the things these all have in common, to use a cliché, is “You throw it up in the air and see what sticks”. You need to keep up with the times!

When deciding how to advertise your business, remember that immediacy is key in today’s society. Consumers demand it now and are unwilling to wait. They are constantly on the go so reaching them has proven to be a challenge. Now there is a marketing strategy that helps you meet this challenge. It makes advertising for a small business a snap. It is cutting edge, inexpensive and easy to use while giving you all the tools you need to deliver a spontaneous promotion and track the results of your campaign. It is called Mobile Text Marketing.

What Exactly is Mobile Text Marketing?

Simply put, it is the best way on how to advertise your business. It is an innovative marketing technology that allows you to text messages from your computer or cell phone to 100’s or 1000’s of people who have told you up front they WANT to receive your advertisements and announcements. What better way of marketing your business then by sending a text promotion to someone who is waiting to hear from you.

Here is How it Works.

A customer sees your promotion of a “keyword” on a sign in your store, a receipt, a print ad or any other method you choose. They are told to text this keyword, for example “Sale” to a short-code to receive a discount coupon. A short-code is a 5 or 6 digit number like 12345. When they do this, they will immediately receive the promotion you have decided to offer. It’s that easy. The best part is that their cell number is now stored in your database to send future coupons or announcements. That is something you cannot get with print advertisements.

What are Some of the Advantages?

How does mobile text marketing compare with other marketing ideas for small business? Mobile text marketing, or mobile SMS (short message service) marketing as it is sometimes called, offers many advantages over traditional advertising methods. You are in complete control of your campaign. The tools you need to market your business are with you at all times so you can send out a special or discount anytime you want. Business slow today? Send out a discount coupon at a moment’s notice. This coupon cannot get lost like a print coupon. It stays on the cell phone. Your coupon can also be forwarded by the customer to friends, family and co-workers. However the most important advantage to consider when putting together a strategy on how to advertise your business is that you are virtually guaranteed that your promotion will reach the customer with mobile text marketing. In today’s world the one thing that people carry with them everywhere they go is their cell phone. It has been estimated that 95% of texts are opened within 5 minutes. What better way to reach out to the customer?

So if you are wondering how to advertise your business in an effective and affordable way, consider using the many tools mobile text marketing can offer by itself or as a compliment to existing campaigns. If you can send and receive email, then you can create new revenue streams using mobile text marketing.

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