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How To Work With An Offshore VA
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How To Work With An Offshore VA

Some folks claim the low rates these assistants are asking turn them into some modern “slaves”. But the reality stands completely different; if you are to hire such a VA that comes from a foreign country where the average salary is of $100/month, it is easy to see why paying a rate of $3/hour has every chance of attracting a lot of bidders. It’s all about the cost of living which may be lower than in the US. In recent studies, over 96% of VAs is female and almost 70% are married. The surveys also support the fact that women tend to be better virtual assistants than men. They are willing to work longer hours, are good with details and time management, and many are even willing to put in a few hours while on vacation.

So you get the services you need, these assistants are able to make full use of their great skills and get paid for their services with some nice cash, and everybody wins. If you come to look at this situation this way, you should see why you are highly recommended to contract some offshore VAs.

Keeping A Good Relationship With Your VA

First of all, you are going to show him or her respect they deserve. Do not treat these people like inferior beings simply because they are willing to work at some lower rates than Americans. They are excellent persons, and once you get to know a little about their lives and cultures, personalities and dreams, you should grow to appreciate them at their true value.

Secondly, a simple “Thank you” is enough motivation. You don’t have to give glowing feedback all the time. In fact, it is recommended you spend some time talking to them about their degree of satisfaction in working for you every now and then; ask them to be upfront if they have any complaints to inform you about and so on. Make them feel they are important members of your team and that your business is relying on their hard work and efforts.

Third, respect and proper communication can truly resolve tons of issues before they even rise. However you might want to focus on keeping communication short and sweet or crisp, because you might not want to eat a lot of their time as well as yours plus take it to level where it crosses the border of too much familiarity.

When it comes to work-related communication, you should also try to make your instructions crystal clear at all times and keep all of communication channels open 24/7. Enable them to gain access to your voicemail, whenever they hit a brick wall.

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