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Must Know Tips About Text Messaging For Business Building
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Yes, it's true that the same text messaging made popular by multi-tasking, quick-fingered teenagers can now be used to build your business. Let's face it. Our email inboxes are getting overloaded with subscription emails that never get read while 97 percent of text messages are being read nearly instantaneously. If you want your customers to read your offer, send it via text message. If you are considering text messaging for business building here's a quick guide to get you started - some must dos and must avoids.

First and foremost, use a legitimate service and collect your opt-in numbers. You will be assigned a short code, which is basically the same as a short phone number. You advertise to people to send your keyword to your short code to subscribe to your offers. Voila! They are opt-in customers. Every text they receive from that point on gives them the option to opt-out at any time but until then you have a legitimate list of opted in subscribers.

Supercharge the ad space you already have working for you. If you are a restaurant you have tabletops. Place table tents on every table that will be staring at your customers for hours enticing them to sign up. If you have a website with great traffic then put an ad on there telling people about your texting campaign. Any print or radio spots? Simply add the text campaign to the ad. On-site signs, endcap displays, dressing room mirrors, you name it, advertise your text offer.

No more than four or five texts a month and offer a gift just for signing up. When someone first signs up to your keyword they will receive an instant response message thanking them for signing up. That message should include a thank you gift. Giving you their cell phone number is almost as personal as giving you their social security number. Give them something good in return to let them know you value them as a text subscriber and you are not going to be trying to hard sell them all day long.

Last but not least, make your text deals, offers, coupons, whatever, exclusive to your text subscribers and make them good. Offering 10% off with a text message just like you offered to your Facebook fans, and you print ad readers is not going to win you loyal text subscribers and it's not going to drive people through the doors. Get serious, offer a great deal and keep it special to your texters.

If this is all too much for you to think about remember you can hire a Mobile Specialist to do it for you. Try They will send out all your text messages for you, help you advertise your keyword and work with you on your offers and great ways to create a relationship with your subscribers.

If you are ready to spearhead your campaign on your own then go for it and have fun. Running your own text messaging business campaign will save you money and you can do it quickly and easily once you get the hang of it. And remember, no matter how small your business is or how tight your budget you really can afford this. Business texting services have packages that start very small and may even offer discounts for trying the service.

One last thing to keep in mind... text messaging for business use is expected to explode over the next few years so don't sit back and wait. Get your customers on your list before your competition does.

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