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This Must Be A Lie - Double Your Business With Business Text Messaging?
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It is definitely within reason to think you can double your business using text message advertising. If you do it right. Text message marketing is an exploding platform because it is so powerful. It is widely accepted by consumers and has the potential to offer not only instant traffic but repeat business on a regular basis.

First thing you should remember is that when your customers, or potential customers, opt-in to your list they have given you something very personal by giving you their cell phone number. That means that the text messages or coupons you send them should be personal. In other words, don't text out a deal that is advertised all over town and available to anyone and everyone. Give a unique and very enticing deal to your text subscribers. This will increase the liklihood that they will be motivated to act on it, and they will quickly spread the word that they are getting awesome deals from your text campaign which will encourage others to sign up.

Good, Better and Best Offer:

To give you some ideas of how to approach your offers you have three options; good, better, and best offer.

Good - a good offer would be to go with a loss leader, that is, offer a product at a deep discount, or an acceptable loss to you, in the hopes of getting people in the door for that offer and then buying more in the process.

Better - a better offer would be to offer a dollar amount off when a dollar amount is spent. For example, get $10 off when you spend $50. People will increase their spending in order to reach that threshold to get the deal.

Best - the best offer is simply to offer something for free. "Free" is the most powerful word in advertising. You can put a small caveat on the offer such as get a free appetizer when you purchase two drinks. "Free" will drive people through the door.

How do you start a business text messaging campaign? That depends on whether or not you have the time to do it yourself or if you want to pay a Mobile Specialist (try to run your campaign for you.

A mobile specialist will work with you to give you materials and ideas to advertise your keyword and then they will send out the texts for you.

If you do it yourself with a business text message service this method could save you money and can be done quickly and easily once you get the hang of it. Find a texting service that offers small packages to start out and then as your campaign grows you can upgrade your account.

Now, don't waste time thinking about it. Once this hits the market big time people are going to have to be selective about which merchants they opt-in to. Sign up your customers before your competition does.

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