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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Text Marketing To Grow A Small Business
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How is Business?

If you have more customers than you can handle then you can skip this article. However, if you are like millions of other owners or business managers looking for proven ways to grow a small business, then I have the solution for you.

Back in the 80’s, AT&T had a popular marketing campaign which said “Reach out and touch someone”. Using the phone was the best way to communicate with others and still is today although in a different format. According to a CTIA- The Wireless Assn survey between 6/2009 and 6/2010 1.8 TRILLION text messages were sent in the US. That’s nearly 5 BILLION per day! If there was a way to take advantage of this in order to grow a small business would you be interested? Well there is and it is called Mobile Text Marketing.

Why You Need Mobile Text Marketing Now?

1. Let’s start off with what I think is the best reason to use it. What is the one thing that consumers have with them everywhere they go? That’s right, their cell phone. That means you can reach the customer wherever they are, be it at home, at work or on the road.

2. It is faster and cheaper than direct mail which is a necessity when trying to grow a small business.

3. It is cutting edge technology where you can easily implement several marketing campaigns. For instance, you can send out discount coupons, announce a new product, initiate a contest or conduct a survey.

4. When a discount coupon is included, it cannot get lost like a print ad. It stays on the customer’s phone. How many people carry a paper coupon with them everywhere they go? I sure don’t.

5. Coupons and announcements can be forwarded to friends, family and co-workers. Growing a small business was never easier!

6. Mobile Text Marketing offers a personalized way of interacting with your customers which helps create brand awareness and customer loyalty.

7. Most people always read their text messages as compared to email which could be deleted, put in a spam folder or not read for several days. It has been determined that the majority of individuals open their text messages within one hour of receiving it.

8. Wouldn’t having immediate access to 100’s or 1000’s of customers do wonders for growing a small business? With Mobile Text Marketing you can come up with a promotion on those slow days and instantly notify your customer. No waiting around like other forms of advertisements.

9. Your text messages are specifically targeted to customers who want to hear about your specials and alerts. You are not just throwing it out there in hopes somebody reads it. These individuals have previously opted-in telling you to “STAY IN TOUCH WITH ME!”

10. You need to stay ahead of your competition

When trying to grow a small business you need easy to use, cost-effective ways to market your product. Reaching out to your customer has now been made easier with text message marketing. Reach out and text someone today!

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