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Benefits Of Cross Training
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Does your workout routine get boring after a while? I know mine does, so I suggest varying your training routine every few weeks to ramp up your enthusiasm and motivation. In addition, subjecting yourself to the same movements stresses out knee joints and increases your risk for injury. If you belong to a gym then there should be plenty of variety both in the aerobics room and out. If you prefer to work out at home, then running, dancing, cycling, rollerblading and anything else that gets you of the couch and moving will work almost as well. Personally, I'm more motivated when I go to the gym surrounded by other like-minded enthusiasts, but I also enjoy a quiet walk around the lake in my neighborhood when the sun goes down.

The major benefit of cardiovascular exercise means that your heart pumps more efficiently and the muscles become more capable of using oxygen, resulting in significant energy expenditure. Energy use is proportionate to how hard and how long you work out, so even though you'd burn more calories per minute by sprinting fast, you just wouldn't be able to keep up the pace for long. The same goes for weight training. The bottom line is to involve a lot of muscle at a challenging and sustainable pace and you will burn tons of calories.

People look more youthful when they have high energy, glowing skin, good posture and a lean and toned physique. The best way to fight gravity is to do core training which strengthens the abs, glutes, hips and spinal muscles. This in turn will give you balance and endurance, flexibility in your movements and your spine will remain healthy as you age. Deepak Chopra is quoted as saying that "studies show that 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week will reverse every single biological risk factor and actually delay the onset of aging".

Pilates is still a popular way to strengthen these muscles and it emphasizes good posture and the lengthening of the muscle fibers. As we get older, our fibers constrict and we lose height, but with Pilates training our muscles actually can lengthen and increase our height.

New fads come and go, but the same principles apply to keeping fit as they did 80 years ago. Did you know that the first Pilates studio opened in New York City in 1926 where dancers Martha Graham and George Balanchine were pupils? As it grew in popularity props were introduced into Pilates training such as Swiss balls, medicine balls, plastic rings and straps. Apart from being used as a means of exercise, Pilates is used by doctors and physical therapists as an aid in rehabilitation and for recovering from an injury.

Finally, after all your hard work, please remember to stretch after your workout of choice. Drink plenty of water and replenish with a healthy snack and a smile!

Street Talk

I love the "runner's high" Cardio is such a stress reliever for me - its amazing. Great article - i am trying to incorporate cross-training into my routine instead of just soccer and running. I like how you threw in a quote from Deepak Chopra also :D

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Danger for your input. I just don't feel right if I can't expend energy at least three days a week. Releases all those good endorphins to make me feel great.

  about 1 decade ago
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