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Build Your Heart: Don't Strain Your Heart Exercising
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Build Your Heart: Don\'t Strain Your Heart Exercising

If your doctor has told you to do exercises to strengthen your heart, but you are afraid to work out too hard, an electric bicycle (or e-bike) could work for you.

This is why.

1. You pedal only when you want to and as hard as you want to.

2. Let the bike take over when you feel tired.

3. Start pedaling again when you are ready.

4. This lets you gradually work up to pedaling harder.

5. Let the heart doctors design a program for your e-bike with just the right amount of pedaling.

6. You won’t be cooped up in the house on a stationary bicycle, you will be outdoors and you can ride from 5-20 miles.

7. You will get the positive mental benefits from being outdoors.

8. Or get a bike that takes over automatically when it senses you are pedaling harder.

9. You will get to go longer distance with no extra stain on your heart.

10. You will be following the doctor’s prescription of increasing exercise gradually.

11. If you ride too far and get tired let the bike take you home.

12. You can wear a heart monitor while cycling.

Have Fun with Your E-Bike

I. You can explore your neighborhood and go exploring on vacation.

II. The range for an e-bike is about 20 miles on a charge depending on the battery you choose.

III. You can ride out into the country.

IV. You can get one for your partner too.

Now you don’t have to be worried about exercising too hard. The e-bikes are now used by millions of older people and young ones too. Many, many people in the USA now use the e-bike to commute to work because it is cheap transportation and you don’t have to worry much about a parking spot. And a growing number of people are using it to get safe and effective exercise to strengthen their hearts, lungs and muscles by gradually working up to pedaling more and using the electric motor less.

People are even taking them on vacation and exploring new places on their e-bikes. And some cities in the USA and Europe are offering e-bike tours.

My husband and I are buying an electric bike motor kit and converting our old bicycles to electric, because it is a cheaper alternative and saves hundreds over buying a new electric bike. I want my retirement years to be my healthiest ever. I have read in many health books and magazines that exercising your legs which are your body's largest muscles is a great way to build your heart. So please consult your doctor before starting your exercise plan. And find a way to build your heart gradually so you don't stain your heart exercising.

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this is nice article

  about 1 decade ago

Yeah listen to your Doctors. But not every doctors out there are good thats why its always best to have second opinion or maybe third opinion from other doctors. The more the merrier. I just follow you. I hope its ok. Thanks.

  about 1 decade ago
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