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Electric Bike Motor Conversion Kit
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Electric Bike Motor Conversion Kit

Hello Again Everyone!

Here is some of the latest info I have found about the electric bike motor conversion kit. If you are a newbie to the idea of converting your bicycle to electric, have no fear. You can get one that is an excellent e-bike kit for beginners, which can be installed by you or a bike mechanic in about 2 hours.

I try to put my info in an easy to read format so here is a list of new things I have found out about electric bike motor conversion kits.

  • There are 2 main types of hub motors
  • One is a geared motor with internal nylon gears.
  • One is a direct-drive using rare earth magnets
  • You should choose the one which best fits your particular riding needs.
  • If you will be pedaling most of the time and using the battery only occasionally and you want your bike to be more like a conventional bicycle, the 350w geared motor will be a good choice for you.
  • If you will use the battery more and pedal less, and you want a higher top speed and a higher power, the 500w direct drive motor will be your best choice.
  • Both motors are priced about the same.

Now, lets we'll talk about the geared motor.

350w Geared Motor: Advantages compared with that of Direct-Drive

  • It is lighter weight at 7 lbs (1/2 the weight of the direct drive).
  • It is smaller at 134mm in diameter, (244mm diameter for the direct drive).
  • Has zero drag (it is freewheel when battery is not in use)
  • It is efficient. (range is 15-25% longer )

Disadvantages compared with that of Direct-Drive

  • Top speed is lower for the 36v at 17 mph compared with 24 mph for the 48v.
  • It has less power: 350w compared with 500w
  • Shorter life span of about 2 yrs (They are replaceable).

500w Direct-Drive Motor: Advantages compared with Geared Motor

  • Top speed is higher: 36v is 20 mph, (48v is 28 mph).
  • Long Life span of 5 years

Disadvantages compared with Geared Motor

  • Heavier (14 pounds twice the weight of geared)
  • Larger at 244mm diameter (134mm diameter for geared)
  • Slight magnetic drag when not using battery
  • Less Efficient (15-25% less range)

Most kits use one of these batteries.

  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries
  • Lithium Ion Batteries

I am sure you have many more questions about the mechanics of an e-bike kit. But I hope my article helps you get a start on gathering information.

People of all ages and physical abilities as well as businesses are using electric bikes to lower their use of energy, reduce pollution, get in shape by pedaling only when they want to and letting the motor take over when they get tired. Even some police departments are using them. And some tourist destinations are offering e-bike tours both in the USA and in Europe. I believe in the not to distant future we will see thousands and then eventually millions of Americans using the electric bike motor conversion kit and riding e-bikes for their health, for the environment and for fun. So, rest assured, you can get a great e-bike kit for beginners.

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