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Electric Power Bicycle And Cardio Health Tips
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Electric Power Bicycle And Cardio Health Tips

Pedal only if you want to.

An electric power bicycle is a good tool for gaining back your heart health, by strengthening your heart muscles with aerobic exercise. The E-Bike allows you to pedal until you are tired and then flip a switch to choose assistance from the electric motor. Some bikes have a motor that senses when you are pedaling harder and switches to electric assistance automatically. Using the electric motor assistance lets you gradually build muscle strength. After all your heart is a muscle and part of your cardio-vascular system (heart and lungs). Do both your heart and lungs a favor and get aerobic exercise.

Get back your health after heart surgery or prevent heart attacks.

This is also a great way to rehabilitate after heart surgery. Many doctors recommend aerobic exercise when you are re-cooperating after a cardiac health crisis such as a heart attack or heart surgery. In fact aerobic exercise is one of the cardio health tips doctors recommend for your cardio-vascular system which includes your heart and lungs.

With an electric power bicycle, (or E-Bike as they are sometimes called), you will be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while developing your heart and leg muscles.

All of us want strong, dependable heart and leg muscles to carry us through the rest of our life. One of the things people dread about getting older is the fear of becoming helpless at some point and not being able to care for themselves. Aerobic exercise is the number one way to prevent this from happening to you.

What is aerobic exercise??

The word Aerobic refers to the use of oxygen to meet your body's demands during exercise

Here is what aerobic exercise will do for you.

Facilitates the flow of air into the lungs (and out).

Causes the heart muscles to grow larger and stronger to improve the hearts ability to pump.

Strengthening muscles throughout the body..

Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure.

Increases red blood cells which then carry more oxygen throughout the body.

Improves mental outlook and decreases stress and depression.

Lowers incidence of diabetes.

Burns fat and reduces your risk of dying due to cardiovascular (heart and lung) problems.

Your leg muscles are the largest and most powerful muscles in your body. Get them pumping and you will get a superior workout for your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs). And with an e-bike you can work only as hard as you want to.

The cardio health tips above have been proven over time and recommended by the medical community. What could be a more fun way to get aerobic exercise than with an electric power bicycle.

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Ha! My old high school teacher used to say that he walked to school 5 miles and it was uphill both ways. Yes I want to get this kit too. Thanks

  about 9 years ago

Great article! I need that kit for my bicycle! Love the trip to town, but the trip back gets pretty tiring! It's not uphill both ways! Just on the way back from town. Oh and it's about 9 miles to town from our ranch. Great exercise. Low impact and great fun seeing the countryside. Mac

  about 9 years ago
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