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Getting Fit Without Knowing It
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Let's face it, seriously dedicating yourself to improving your cardiovascular endurance can be a downright pain. Although the benefits feel great and its wonderful for you, for countless poeple everywhere, the painful struggle to achieve those benefits simply does not seem worth it, and that is an extremely hard feeling to conquer indeed. So....what? How does someone who feels that way gain good cardio endurance and become fit? Here's the answer.


That's the answer, right there. In all my studies and research, playing sports in the best way that I have found for someone who does not feel like he can deal with the struggle and hardship of running, swimming, etc on a regular basis.

Benefit Number 1: You don't realize what you're getting

The first and best reason to get involved in recreational sports is that you often do not realize the level of exercise that you are actually getting. You are aware that you are exerting, but the whole "I'm getting cardio and getting healthier" thing is not in your mind. Your mind is focused on the goals of the game and competing, not the fact that you're heart and lungs are working and you are getting healthier.

This is a huge difference from, running, where you are usually doing it soley for the healthy benefits, so too often that is the sole thing riding on your mind. Many people can zone out or even have fun running, but I am writing this primarily for those people who find it a pain, a hassle, and an extreme annoyance. By all means, and if you can, do not cease jogging, for it will only make you healthier. But if running just goes against the very DNA that you're made of, consider sports, such as football, basketball, or tennis. They are fantasitc alternatives. 

Benefit Number 2: It can be darn fun

On top of it all, it's fun! This is definitely the icing on the cake. Now when I say a great alternative is doing sports like basketball, football and tennis (those are sports involving a lot of running), I did not specifically mean school-hostd sports where you would be required to go to tons of practices and so on. If that is you're thing, go for it. But what I was specifically referring to was just going to your local court or field with a group of friends and playing. That is an amazing way to get fit and be healthy, and best of all, you'll hardly notice that aspect of it as you get some good old fun with your friends. 

I hope this has helped, and once again, thanks for reading!

Street Talk

OK, the title of this article really grabbed my attention. I'm definitely way out of shape. I may eeven go for a short walk now. You could always become a motivational speaker if you aren't one already. This is a great article. If I were married, i could use these arguments to get out with the boys to get some needed exercise. Would this work on you ladies?

  about 1 decade ago
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