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Take Your Cardiovascular Fitness Seriously!
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Let’s face it, a lot of us are practically dragged to the gym or blackmailed to workout (your friend threatened to tell everyone at the office your real dress size unless you come to the gym with her to get a great workout). This may sound ridiculous, but some people actually carry around a gym card and display it every chance they get, so as to fool people into believing that they actually go to the gym!

It is important to take your cardiovascular fitness seriously! With the right cardiovascular training, you can count on living a life that is free of heart troubles. A lot of people are very aware of the importance of cardiovascular fitness and have taken the necessary steps to have a really good cardiovascular training.

Having a regular cardiovascular workout will have a really good effect on your lungs, heart and your vascular system. Cardiovascular training will not only allow you to perform your daily activities much more effectively, it would also help you reduce the risk of lots of ailments and diseases, this include coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and many other health issues that is associated with growing older.

Here are a couple of benefits of cardiovascular fitness:

• Lowers the blood pressure

• Increases the level of “good cholesterol” also known as HDL cholesterol

• Lowers anxiety and reactions to stress

• Lowers total cholesterol

• Increases the heart function and its capacity to pump more blood

• Lowers the body fat by using the body’s stored excess fat as energy

• Increases aerobic workout capacity

• Reduces glucose-stimulated insulin

• Cardiac output is increased

• Increases oxygen supply to the body

• Lowers resting heart rate

It is also important that you know that monitoring your heart rate is a vital aspect of cardiovascular fitness assessment and can be a tool for any cardiovascular training program – this is a precise indicator of your body’s natural adaptation to the intensity of exertion.

If you use a good quality heart rate monitor when performing cardiovascular training, you will be able to get a precise measurement of the intensity of your cardio workout. By consistently taking the time to monitor your heart rate, you will be able to ensure that you are training in a way that is specific to your cardiovascular fitness goals. You will be able to clearly recognize when your exercises are effective or if you are under or over training yourself and may require some time to recover.

There are some health clubs that offer dance aerobics that will give you a great workout while you having fun dancing to some of your favorite music. If you can afford it, you can employ the services of a personal trainer to plan a good workout program for you – you do not have to be a movie/TV star to use a personal trainer to stay fit. As you have read, it is important that you take your cardiovascular training seriously. You do not have to do any rigorous exercise that will leave you completely knackered.

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