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1 Way To Avoid Having An Affair At Work And Be Faithful To Your Spouse Or Partner
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1 Way to avoid having an affair at work and be faithful to your spouse or partner.

Having an affair at work is so common that it has almost become accepted in our society. In some cases even accepted. In order to avoid this happening to you it is important to understand why it happens in the first place.

Now imagine working with many men and women around you, some attractive some not, some more appealing to you than others. For some reason you need to work closely with someone who you find attractive. Day in day out you work hard, share the same bosses, share the same stresse, share the same lunch hour. You realize that because the are in the same position that your are the understand your complaints or problems better than your spouse.

Pretty soon, because of this you start trading secrets, having lunch together and after that, sex falls so easily into play that you wonder how it got to be there. Now, there are many ways to avoid having an affair at work, things that can be done tominimize the chance of it happening at all. These are all dependant on you and you alone. Here is one way to avoid it.

Job Parties and Functions.

Most jobs have some sort of year end celebration, such as christmas parties of fiscal year ending parties. These are oppotune times for employees to get together without spouses, job stresses and bosses breathig down their necks. Many office affairs really gain momentum at these occasions. The dancing, the alcohol, the pure merriment and abandonement of it all. People drop their defences, let their hair down and really relax to fully enjoy the event. Some surprise you, since it is the first time you have seen them without their work attire or uniform. It all provides for a ripe opportunity to start an affair or take an office crush to the next level.

So what you need to do is avoid them. It may sound stupid or even crazy, but if the party is not mandatory, avoid it. If you know that there is a coworker that you are attracted to and you would lkie to avoid the temptation and be true to your spouse or partner, avoid the party. When your employees do not see that fun loving relaxed side of you, there is less chance of anything happening.

Yes, they will probably assume that you are antisocial or a little stiff necked, but if you know that this is what it will take for you to avoid having an affair at work, is it not worth it?

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