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3 Distinct Signs Of A Cheating Man - Learn These Quickly
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In this article I will discuss 3 distinct signs of a cheating man that you better be aware of. Men are cheating at alarming rates, but when they do they are leaving behind their trails of infidelity that are there for you to notice if you're paying attention.

Men are able to get away with cheating because they are able to exploit the trust that you have in them. A good tip is to systematically ask questions that will keep them on their toes by indicating that you may have some doubts with their story.

I know men that have decided not to engage in extramarital activities solely on the basis that their wife were too inquisitive about their whereabouts. If 100% trust would have been there, they would have cheated but the fear of getting caught stopped them before it began.

The below are a few things to look out for that may indicate your man has already begun an extramarital affair.

3 Distinct Signs of a Cheating Man to Look Out For

Not As Interested In Sex - despite popular belief that men are sex machines with unlimited desire for sex no matter what, studies show that when married men are involved in extramarital affairs they have a tendency to want much less sex from their spouses.

So if you are noticing a drastic decrease in the sexual intimacy between you and your husband there may be a legitimate reason that you shouldn't be overlooking.

Has Become Emotionally Withdrawn - just like the sex, when they are involved with a new lover they may become emotionally withdrawn without even noticing it. Communication will be the key in order to weed out other potential factors such as financial stress as the source to their emotional withdrawal.

Become Secretive With His Cellphone - Besides seeing his lover in person, his cellphone will be the single most important resource at his disposal during his affair. He may start doing things such as bringing his phone with him while showering or turning off his cell when at home.

These clues are especially important if he never use to do this.

Cheating can be very difficult to uncover, but if you know what to look for then you will give yourself a fighting chance in knowing the truth.

With the above distinct signs of a cheating man at your disposal you will surely be on the right track. There are many more to know but don't overwhelm yourself when putting together your plan in keeping the hubby honest.

Good luck!

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