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Can My Wife Be Cheating If She Is Not Having Sex With Another Man?
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People have asked me, can my wife be cheating if she is not having sex with another man?

This question can be easily answered with a resounging "YES". This type of cheating is referred to as emotional cheating or having an emotional affair. You must always keep in mind that women tend to be a little more emotional than men. This translates to them being more sensitive to feelings unlike men who are more physical and react better to something that they can manipulate, change or fix with some kind of physical act.

Can you imagine your wife conversating with another man on the phone, online or even face to face and that man is recieving the laughter, attention, admiration, care etc that you should be getting?

Discussing things with hime that are going on in your house? Things that she has not, or will not discuss with you? This is cheating. The fact that anyone else out there gets something that you should be receiving in the relationship makes it cheating. In all reationships there are lines to be drawn between what you get as the man in the relationship and what anyone else gets.

This distinguishes or shows you, the man, and everyone else that there are some things that are reserved only for you. If there is no difference between the way she treats you or any other friend, male or female, then a problem is brewing. Think about it, other than living together, what actually defferentiates you from any other man in the world? If you cannot answer that question then there are no lines drawn or boundaries made to keep your rlationship or marriage sacred or separate.

Men generally respond to their wife cheating without having sex, a lot better than women in the same situation. Most men are actually very relieved that there wife is offloading emotionally on someone else and for that reason, do not see their wife as cheating on them. A lot of us men are of the mind that if she is not having sex she cannot be cheating.

Wake up guy! You need to realise that your wife, having an emotional attachment to another man, is way more dangerous than her having sex with another man. For most woman, sex is an added benefit, for men, sex is a must. Some men get emotionally cheated on for quite a while because they fail to pick up on the signs and for this reason, lose their chance to do what it takes to get the situation corrected.

For women, it is very important to connect with someone on an ermotional level, This is their thing and as men we have to recognize that we are resposible for providing this emotional comfort or safety zone so that they have absolutely no reason to go somewhere else to try and find it.

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