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Could You Have Pushed Your Husband Into An Affair With A Married Woman?
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Could you have pushed your husband into an affair with a married woman? Some women are coming to that realization and are learning to deal with it. Most of them are working things out and building a stronger relationship with their husband. Could you benefit from their experience?

First let me say this in no ways insinuates that you are at fault or anyway possible responsible for your husband’s affair with a married woman. He should have talked to you about it. But there was and is a responsibility to both partners to create an environment that promotes a happy marriage. This is where the problem lies for most marriages.

Why some men end up having an affair with a married woman shows that men are not all sexually driven. When cheating husbands were asked the majority of them agreed it was emotional dissatisfaction in that made them stray from the marriage. It is our culture who says all men are sexually driven but they are also emotionally driven and want to be admired by their wives.

This is what these wives of men who have an affair with a married woman are finding out. The wives are getting past the affair and being able to finally talk about the affair, the relationship, and the marriage with their husband. The wives who don’t get past the affair end up divorce and carrying emotional baggage with them.

A way to get over the affair like the wives of men who have an affair with married women is getting help. They receive help through professionals on how to cope with the affair and get direction back in their lives. Once they learn how to survive an affair than these wives can get their lives back on track, and are able to talk with their husbands without breaking out in tears or becoming more of an emotional wreck.

Once these women get to the point where they can talk with their husband then they can discuss things better. The real problems in the relationship start to come to the surface and can turn that affair with a married woman into a blessing for the marriage.

The answer is yes, “You could have pushed your husband into an affair with a married woman”. You can also use the affair as a sign your relationship with your husband needs fixing by getting help surviving an affair first.

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