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7 Little Known Facts To An Online Affair
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Do you think that maybe your spouse is having an online affair? My Oh My!!! They don't retire to bed with you at the same time, like the way they use to. Not really such a big deal in my opinion. Oh well. You may be a little paranoid, but it could be an early signal to boredom.

Now I'm just starting a little scenario here, Ok. Not coming to bed like usual, they get up earlier than usual, running to the computer at all hours, having meals(snacks) mostly in front of the internet tube. Starting to get a little weird. Still not really alarming, but getting interesting. . Here comes some good ones. The computer is moved to another more “safer “ location so the kids can watch TV more privately(yeah right). Having to check the email because they're expecting an important email from the Bank, Work, PTA, Their Mother, Weatherman, ETC, ETC and so on. HaHa. Enough of that. Serious now.

The work that needs to be done around the house is neglected. Spending more time online becomes more important than all the regular house chores that must be done. They're not paying attention to you like before, it hurts you, then the head games begin. Not Good.

You may now be suspecting an online affair. You're thinking “In Love With The Computer” “Give Me A Friggin Break Here”. There is help and I'll gladly show you how a little later on. OK

There's a pattern that you're beginning to see here. Let's take a closer look. All right, this is what we maybe noticing.

1 - Your Spouse is sleeping weird-- 2 - Wants to be left alone while “surfing”-- 3 - No more picking up around the house. Messy-- 4 - Starts stretching the TRUTH. Yeah-stretching. Outright Lying-- 5 - Not the same person. Acting stressed-- 6 - Sexual relations are getting fewer and far between. Not Good-- 7 - Spending time together. The little things that mean so much to you--

There you have just 7 little known facts to an online affair that I can come up with. I'm sure that you have noticed a few more. So as I can see it, there sure can be a great concern with this type of behavior in a committed relationship.

I know you have heard the term- cybersex. I'm very sorry to say it but you may just very well have this type of situation on your hands. I know there is great help for you and I believe I can help. Please read my resource box for more positive advice located, convieniently on my website. Sincerely, Take Care & Good Luck

Hope this was helpful. I surely am not of the medical profession and I do not pretend to be. I do have plenty of killer information for you on my site about any online affair and much more. Come visit, get comfortable and learn as much as you would like to. See you there and I am very happy to have written this article for you. Http:// Good Luck To You.

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