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Great Dates Can Help You Reconnect With Your Cheating Husband
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Just found out the most devastating news of your married life? Are you trying to save your marriage even though your husband cheated? Sometimes it helps to go back to the beginning and enjoy a few great dates to reconnect with your cheating husband.

It HURT to find out your husband has been cheating on you but you know your marriage is strong and can survive this. You're willing to do your part but it's going to take a little time to get your bearings and risk your heart on him again. That is why it's such a good idea to start dating again so that you can both fall in love again…together.

Short on ideas? Try these on for size.

Date Night In

You don't have to go out and spend a lot of money in order to have a great date. See if the kids can sleep over somewhere and plan a romantic evening at home.

Cook a nice meal (or order in if the kitchen isn't where your talents lie). Light a few candles. Have a nice bottle of wine or sparkling cider chilling.

Line up a nice line of songs on the stereo for a nice evening of dinner and dancing with the man you love. The goal here is to take time to enjoy a good meal together, talk, and reconnect on a romantic level. This is an important night for YOU and your husband.

Recreate Your First Date

Whether it was McDonald's and a movie (you can even go old school and rent the movie you watched together to view at home) or something extra special, it's a lot of fun and can bring up a world of wonderful memories of happier times for both of you to recreate your first date as closely as possible.

Don't sweat the little details, unless it's the little details that are most important to you. Just remember that you're trying to recreate a happy time in your relationship so don't get too upset or angry and ruin your good night if things don't go perfectly as planned. That could lead to a sudden need to get your ex back rather than just trying to make nice and date your cheating husband all over again.

Do Something New and Exciting

Sometimes you need to break away from tradition and do something new and daring for your date night. Especially when you're trying to save your marriage after your husband cheated.

Shaking things up with something completely new and different is a great way to see a new side of your husband and get him to see you in a night light too. More importantly, it's a way to take your relationship in a new direction.

Bite the bullet and go play laser tag, do the NASCAR experience, or even go play a round of golf. The key is to do something you've never done together before and see a new side of each other in the process.

Dating can be so exciting and rewarding for the sake of your relationship. But, you have to be able to avoid making a few common dating mistakes that could derail your chance. Watch this free video => to learn the pitfalls you should avoid at this vital point in your efforts to save your marriage.

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