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How Can A Cheating Husband Still Be Affectionate To His Wife?
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How can a cheating husband still be affectionate to his wife?

This question has been asked by women from since the beginning of time. Most women are amazed at the ability of a man that can be having an affair while maintaining the relationship with his wife.

I have always said that in relationships between men and women there is something that I call the great equalizer. I call that particular equalizer, love. What needs to be understood is that while different in sexual makeup, men and women are basically the same. The only marked difference is how they express and or deal with situations.

As a general rule, women are the nurturers in the relationship. They are very sensitive to feelings, emotions, expressions and impressions in a relationship. They are much more open to the less discernable noverbal ways of communication. Men on the other hand deal with the obvious, what they can see, hear smell and touch and taste. With the things in those categories being on the more obvious scale.

For this reason a man can walk into a whore house, pick out someone he wants to have sex with, spend time with that woman and go home to his wife as if he went to the store and back. They deal with everything on more of a physical level than women do. Having sex is not an emotional thing when it is not with someone they love. It is purely to fulfill an urgent physical need. They only need to determine if the person is physically stimulating to them. This might include skin color, hair color and length, smile, color of the eyes, nice legs etc.

Some men may have to have all the above factors to their liking or just one before they would consider having sex. Others just care that she is female. This way about men can be partially blamed on their genetic make up and also the way society has determined how men should think and react. For women, sex is an emotional thing, for that moment they are in love with the way it makes them feel and bask in those feelings afterwords. For a man, once you fit their critria, he will be able to purge his need forget about her and go home to his wife as the loving husband. Remember, he does not consider himself any less loving than before, as a matter of fact, he considers himself more the man for it due to his ability to keep it seperate.

I hope you realize that the above reason does not make it ok to have an affair, it gives a little more insight as to why men seem to e able to stray so much easier than women.

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